FlashFXP: Help File (Online Edition)

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Left Folder Tree

Show or hide a directory tree for the left hand side view.


Right Folder Tree

Show or hide directory tree for the right hand side view.

Status Window

Show or hide the window for showing server messages and other status information.


Queue Window

Show or hide the window for displaying the transfer queue.

Raw Command Line

Show or hide a command line bar for entering raw commands.

Its position in the default interface will be above the status window.



Show or hide the built-in transfer speed graph.


Active Edits

Show or hide the Active Edits window, this window keeps track and displays all current active edits. This provides easy access for editing with multiple files simultaneously on the remote server.

Swap Panes

Reverses the local and remote views, the remote view, which by default shown on the right hand side, thereafter displays on the left hand side.

Single Connection Layout

The interface is simplified by showing only one view for an FTP server and one view for the local file system. This option forces the left window to show the local file system and the right window to show the FTP server to which FlashFXP is connected.

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