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     Check for free space before download
When checked, FlashFXP will check destination path for available disk space, before initiating a download. If there is insufficient space to complete the transfer, the file is marked as failed and is not downloaded. Otherwise as much of the file as possible will be downloaded until the disk runs out of space.

     Flash window on transfer complete
When checked, after the queue is completed the FlashFXP window or relevant taskbar instance will flash, to indicate a transfer has completed.


     Remove empty folder on upload failure
When checked, this will attempt to remove folders from server which FlashFXP uploaded and remained empty due to files not being uploaded to created folder(s).

     Follow symbolic links recursively
when checked, FlashFXP will follow symbolic folder links within folders being transferred. Some FTP servers may use symbolic links that result in a circular reference causing an endless loop, if this occurs then uncheck this option and symbolic links will not be transferred.

     Use APPE to resume uploads
When checked, FlashFXP will use the APPE command to resume uploads. Otherwise by default, FlashFXP uses REST followed by STOR for resuming uploads.

     Close unused server connections during transfer
When checked, FlashFXP will disconnect any connection which is not necessary to transfer the current file in the queue.

     Remove failed transfers from queue
When checked, instead of marking files as failed and keeping them in the queue they will be removed from the queue.

Stalled Transfers

     Restart transfer if no data is transferred for
When checked, FlashFXP will wait the specified number of seconds for data to be transferred, if no data is transferred within this time, the transfer will be restarted.

The number of seconds to wait for data to be transferred. Default is 60 seconds.

Filename Case Conversion

This defines if filename conversion will occur in the transfer direction FlashFXP supports.

 Upload /  Download /  Site to Site

Don’t convert
The case of the filename remains as-is.

The case of the filename is converted to lowercase.

The case of the filename is converted uppercase.

First letter uppercase
The case of the filename is converted so that fist letter uppercase and all remaining letters are lowercase.

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