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Mode Z transparently compresses data to increase bandwidth and reduce transmission time. This option requires additional CPU processing. Users with low-end computers may want to disable this feature.

Note: Already compressed documents with Zip, Rar, 7zip etc. will not see a noticeable gain.

When checked, the file listing will be compressed. The format is plain text and text compresses very well.

When checked, downloads will be compressed.

When checked, uploads will be compressed.

When checked, site to site transfers will be compressed.
Note: In order for MODE Z to work with FXP both servers must support MODE Z compression.

     Disable for local network servers
When checked, This will disable MODE Z when using LAN FTP servers (local network)


          Use on the fly compression (using zlib) to compress the data which results in faster data transfers.

     Enable Compression
When checked, it enables compression on upload and download.

     Disable for local network transfers
When checked, This will disable compression when using LAN SFTP servers (local network)

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