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Site Manager (F4)
The Site Manager provides access to manage all site connection profiles. Use the Site Manager to add, modify, or delete these profiles.

Key Manager

The key manager provides access to manage x.509 certificates, RSA keys, and DSA keys.

Certificates and Keys can be removed, replaced, imported or exported from the Key Manager.


FlashFXP allows users to protect their stored data in site manager from unwanted access.

When access is restricted by password protection, users will be prompted on FlashFXP startup to enter a password and all site manager data will be protected by strong encryption.

Warning: Once a password is set there is no way of retrieving or accessing site manager data if password is lost or forgotten.

Set Password
Dialog allow setting of password protection

Set password dialog

   Enter Password
   Confirm Password
Enter the same password on both fields before proceeding.

Clear Password
Will remove current FlashFXP password protection, before removal, you will be prompted to confirm the your current password.

Change Password
Will change your current FlashFXP password, before changing, you will be prompted to confirm your current password.


Add Current Site

When connected to a site via Quick connect this function becomes active, which will allow you to add the site to the Site Manager for later access.


Add Current site dialog


         Select a Group
Browse or create a new group to add selected site to.


    Enter Site Name
Enter a friendly name to identify the site you are adding.


Import Sites

Allows importing of sites from other FTP clients.


Import sites dialog

Choose from the list the type of FTP Client your importing sites from.

Enter the path or browse to the file you wish to import.

    Group – Site Browser 
Choose or create a new group to add the imported site(s) to.

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