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     Retry Delay
          Sets the delay (in seconds) between failed connections attempts.


     Retry Count
          Sets amount of times a connection will be re-tried to connect.


Speed Limits

Speed limits are unset by default globally found in preferences (F6) Transfer / Speed limits. Per site limits can be defined here per-site and include limitations to Download and Upload speeds individually.

Bind Socket to IP

If the computer FlashFXP is running on has more than one IP address (for instance, if more than one network adapter is installed), you can use this to specify which IP FlashFXP should use to access the FTP server.

TCI/IP Buffer Size

    Send / Receive

Buffer sizes can be adjusted per-site or globally on Preferences (F6)
Adjusting the TCP/IP Send and Receive buffer increases the TCP Window size. (Wikipedia: TCP Window scale)

Will use the setting defined in preferences.

Will use auto-buffer shaping detection, this setting cause’s time overhead since on new transfer FlashFXP has to try every buffer size to determine which one is best suited to the network connection before it decides/uses the buffer size, which fits best.

Select the buffer size appropriate for the site from the list of sizes available.
Selecting a buffer size that is too big or small can reduce the file transfer speed.
This option can be set globally via the Preferences dialog.

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