FlashFXP: Help File (Online Edition)

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Right-Click Menu


Connects to the currently selected site.

          Create a new site within the currently selected group.

          Create a new group within the current selected group.

Allows import of sites info FlashFXP using the Import Sites dialog box

Allows you to save a site or group of sites to a .ftp file in XML format. The file can later be imported to another copy of FlashFXP or another FTP client. This feature makes sharing sites, or configuring a site with a friend extremely easy.

Copy to Clipboard as URL
Copies the site URL for the site to the clipboard for easy pasting. The url protocol prefix will be based on the connection type. Confirmation is required before including the user name and password in the created copy

Copy to Site Manager (Ctrl+C)
This allows easy migration of a site stored in your quick connect to the site manager. This feature is only visible if the selected entry is stored in the quick connect.

Delete (delete key)
Delete the selected site or group from the site manager. Deleting a group will remove all nested sites and groups within it.

Rename (F2)
Rename a site or group within the site manager. Quick connect sites cannot be renamed.

Move to...
Moves the selected site to another group within the site manager. 

Creates a copy of the currently selected site within the same group as the original copy, retaining all site settings, stats, and bookmarks.

Disable Site (Ctrl+D)
Disabled sites aren't shown on the site drop down menu. 
To enable a disabled site, simply alternate click on the disabled site and uncheck the "Disable Site".

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