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File Transfer Rules


    Custom Rules
A site will use the global file transfer rules by default (Main Menu/Options/File Transfer Rules).
When custom rules are set they override the global transfer rules for the site.

    Custom Skiplist
A site will use global skiplist by default (Main Menu/Options/Filters.../Skiplist tab).
When custom skiplist entries are set they are used together with the global skiplist entries.

Speed Limits

Speed limits are unset by default globally found in preferences (F6) Transfer/Speed limits.
Per site limits can be defined here and allow Download and/or Upload speeds to be set individually.

Compression (MODE Z)

Mode Z transparently compresses data to increase bandwidth and reduce transmission time. This option requires additional CPU processing. Users with low-end computers may want to disable this feature.

Compression settings are predefined globally under preferences (F6) Transfer/Compression and are used unless per-site options are modified.

Independently adjust the compression when performing a..





TCI/IP Buffer Size

Buffer sizes can be adjusted per-site or globally on Preferences (F6)
Adjusting the TCP/IP Send and Receive buffer increases the TCP Window size. (Wikipedia: TCP Window scale)

          Send / Receive

Will use the setting defined in preferences.

Will use auto-buffer shaping detection, this setting cause’s time overhead since on new transfer FlashFXP has to try every buffer size to determine which one is best suited to the network connection before it decides/uses the buffer size, which fits best.

Select the buffer size appropriate for the site from the list of sizes available.
Selecting a buffer size that is too big or small can reduce the file transfer speed.

File Name Conversion

The global default can be changed under preferences (F6) / Transfer / Options

   Upload / Download / Site to Site

          Will use what has been set in global options under preferences (F6) Transfer / Options.

Don’t convert
          Leaves file names untouched as per original file.

          Converts any filenames that have any uppercasing to lowercase.

          Converts any filenames that have any lowercasing to uppercase.

First letter uppercase
          This will imply that any filename will start with uppercase and remaining will be lowercase.

Site to site method

Direct (FXP)
When selected, this method will attempt to perform the site to site transfer directly between the two FTP servers. Both FTP servers must allow site to site transfers (also known as 3rd party transfers) for this to work. Direct is only available when transferring between two FTP servers.

Indirect (protocol independent)
When selected, this method will first download the file to your hard drive and then upload it to the destination server. The temporary file is then automatically deleted after the upload is completed.

Some FTP servers require additional fine tuning to perform a direct site to site transfer.

     Transfer From (RETR) Active Mode (PORT)
When checked, This method will issue the PORT command instead of the PASV command when performing a FXP download from the server, otherwise the PASV command will be used.

     Transfer To (STOR) Passive Mode (PASV)
When checked, This method will issue the PASV command instead of the PORT command when performing a FXP upload to the server, otherwise the PORT command will be used.

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