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     Retry Delay
          Sets the delay (in seconds) between failed connections attempts.
This option can be set globally via the Preferences dialog.          

     Retry Count
          Sets amount of times a connection will be re-tried to connect.
This option can be set globally via the Preferences dialog.

     Bind Socket to IP
If the computer FlashFXP is running on has more than one IP address (for instance, if more than one network adapter is installed), you can use this to specify which IP FlashFXP should use to access the FTP server.
This option can be set globally via the Preferences dialog.


Some FTP servers do not allow anonymous connections and require an account name before you can login.

     Ident User ID

This allows user to set a specific Ident for this site profile.
The ident server must be enabled to use this feature, (F6) preferences / connections / ident


Copy URL – Mapping


This enables Copy URL to copy a http:// url to the clipboard by mapping the ftp folder to a HTTP server, presuming server is also running a HTTP server.


Enter the full HTTP URL for the HTTP file server e.g. http://server.com

    Server Web Root Path

Enter the root path for the HTTP file server.

Typically this would be something like /home/<user>/public_html/


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