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Navigation: Main Window > Dialogs > Schedule > Task Properties >

Schedule tab

   Scheduled Task
Scheduled tasks can be set to run as below

One Time
Schedule the task to run one time.

Recur every [  ] days
User can set how many days a task can recur.

Recur every [  ] weeks on:
User can select both when specific week numbers and the 7 week days. This allows for greater flexibility.

User selects months from drop down menu. Further scheduling can be set by choosing from the respective days of the month. Alternatively a user can select from none to first through to last week of the month from drop down menu or from none to one or all days of the week.

     Start on
          Date and time for the schedule to start.

     Repeat task
When checked, a task is repeated every minute and until a specified time or alternatively a user can select duration in hours or minutes.

     Every [  ] minute(s)

When checked, the task is repeated until a specified time or duration. Otherwise the task will repeat indefinitely.

    Time [  ]

    Duration [  ] hours [  ] minute(s)

     Stop task if it runs longer than
When checked, a task can be set to stop if it runs longer than a desired amount of time as selectable from the drop down menu.

  minute(s) | hour(s) | day(s)

     Expire on
When checked, a user can select a specific date for the said task to expire.

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