FlashFXP: Help File (Online Edition)

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Navigation: Main Window > Dialogs > Schedule > Task Properties >

General tab


    Task Name
Enter a friendly name for any task you wish to create

    Queue File – Browse
Enter or browse the path for a pre-existing queue file so you can create advanced schedules easily. Large or repetitive tasks are greatly simplified.

   Selective Transfer rule set
Allows user to select from the drop down menu, the default transfer rules or from rule sets created to suit specific needs as defined in Main Menu>Tools / Selective Transfer Menu

   On Transfer Complete
The state of FlashFXP or the local computer is defined here when the scheduled task as run.

   File Exist Rules

·Use existing rules
When selected the existing global and per-site rules are used.

·Use custom rules
When selected the user can create a new rule set which is used instead of the existing rules.

     Custom Rules
Opens the File Transfer Rule dialog and allows the user to enter new rules that will be applied to the scheduled task.

Queue type

     Static Queue
When selected, the Queue remains unchanged for the duration of transfer. This is ideal for reoccurring schedules.

     Dynamic Queue
When selected, The queue file updates during transfer, failed transfers are reset and retried (if set) otherwise Failed transfers are only marked and successful transfers are removed. Dynamic queues are ideal when a single large queue is scheduled to run over a period of days.

Persistent control

     Task Enabled
When checked, the specific schedule is enabled. User must also save the changes in order to activate the task in the windows scheduler.

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