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Email tab


    Email Notifications
Below are the situations in which a email is sent:

          Disabled / Send an E-mail on Success or Error / Send an E-mail on Success / Send an E-mail on Error

    Mail server
          Once setup a user can select a mail server from the drop down menu.

Will test the selected mail server using To / From fields the to ensure it has been properly setup.

A user can create or update the mail server details here.
Opens Mail Server Setup dialog.

Enter the email address you want to send the notification from.
i.e. John Smith <js@flashfxp.com>

Enter the email address of the person you want to receive the notifications.
Some examples are:


user@example.com, anotheruser@example.com

User <user@example.com>

User <user@example.com>, Another User <anotheruser@example.com>


This is optional and allows the user to add a custom subject to the notification. By default FlashFXP will be used.
The subject will appear in the following format [<subject>] Task Completed: <task name>

Include the following logs


     Transfer Summary

     Successful transfers

     Failed transfers

     Skipped transfers

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