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Quick Connect


The quick connect provides a simple interface for basic connection settings, additional settings can be configured via the Site Manager.


Select previously entered quick connect site entry.
By default the last 50 connections will be remembered, This value can be changed via the Preference dialog.


Commands are;  Edit in Site Manager |  Add to site manager |  Delete current site


   Connection type:



FTP using implicit SSL

FTP using Explicit SSL (AUTH SSL)

FTP using Explicit SSL (AUTH TLS)

Connection Settings:

     Address or URL
The Host name or IP address of the server, or a ftp://, ftps:// sftp:// formatted URL.
e.g. ftp.myserver.com or IP address

     User Name
The user name for the account. e.g. user1234 or user1234@myserver.com

Public FTP servers are typically anonymous and do not require a user name or password. Public servers such as ftp.mozilla.org do not require a user name and password.


The password associated with the user name.

     Port number
The port number for the server, typically 21 for FTP, 990 for FTPS, and 22 for SFTP. In most cases you do not need to change the port number.

     Remote path
After a successful login FlashFXP will change to this folder on the server.

     Proxy server
If a special proxy server or no proxy is needed for connecting to this server you can override the global default and select a custom proxy for this connection.

For a full set of advanced options for any connection, use the Site Manager to edit and connect to site.

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