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What is a queue?

A Queue is a set of file-targets to be transferred. Each file-target contains the file name to be transferred and the location on the server where it is to be transferred. Queues can be used to easily define groups of files to be transferred. These queue can be saved and then loaded for future use. The items in the queue list are transferred in order from top to bottom. Items in the queue can be removed or re-ordered.


Transfers the items that are currently in the queue.

Restore.. (F11)

Opens up the Restore Queue dialog.

The state of the queue can be auto-saved and loaded without explicitly using "Save Queue.." and "Load Queue.." from the Queue Menu.

The Restore Queue Window can be automatically opened at FlashFXP startup to load an auto-saved (in the event of a crash or failure) or explicitly saved queue.



Opens up the browse for file window to select and load a queue.



Opens up the save file dialog to save the current queue.


Schedule At..
This provides a one-time scheduling solution to transfer or stop the current queue at a specific time.

Opens Schedule At dialog.


To create a re-occurring schedule use the (Main menu > Tools > Schedule) feature.


Displays the number of files and folders in the queue.


Removes all items from the transfer queue. This operation can not be undone.

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