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Horizontal / Vertical
Will adjust the main browser window layout (local/remote) with the desired layout.

   Queue / Status
Horizontal / Vertical
Will display queue and status windows (name/target/size/remark/server status) with the desired layout.

    Folder Tree 
Horizontal / Vertical
Will display the treeview (when visible) with the desired layout.


   Queue / Status
Top / Bottom
Will display the queue and status with the desired position.

   Transfer Graph
Bottom / Under Status / Under Queue
Will display the transfer graph with the desired position.


   List Icons
Large Icons / Small Icons / List / Details
Will modify the default icon views within the with the desired type.

    Break Menu at (lines)
Will allow user to define how many server entries are displayed when the connect to menu is show, before the menu entries are split. Default is 25 lines.  0 = No limit.

   Speed format
Auto / Kilobytes per second (KB/s) / Kilobits per second (kbps)

   Size Format
Auto / Kilobytes (KB) / bytes

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