FlashFXP: Help File (Online Edition)

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     Anonymous FTP E-mail Address
Defines the email address used as the password when connecting to FTP servers with anonymous login.

     Session status window line limit
Defines the maximum number of lines kept in the session status window. Increasing this limit will also increase the amount of memory used by FlashFXP.

     Quick Connect sites to keep in history
Defines the maximum number of sites, which remain in the history for Quick Connect menu.

     Default download folder
          Defines the default local browser folder used when FlashFXP is started, either the last working directory or a directory that you specify.
If the specified directory does not exist, then FlashFXP will default to the user documents folder is used.

          Use last working folder /  Browse


     Display restore queue dialog on startup
When checked, FlashFXP will display the restore queue dialog on startup displaying auto-saved queues. Auto-saved queues are considered incomplete. This dialog will only be shown if an incomplete queue is found.

     Auto Save queue on change
When checked, FlashFXP will automatically create a temporary queue file on your hard drive. This will preserve your transfer queue in case of a power or system failure. The temporary queue file is updated at most once per minute.

     Auto save queue on exit
When checked, FlashFXP will create a temporary queue file on your hard drive containing the content of the transfer queue. This allows you to restore and finish the queue at a later time.

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