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These entries allow user to further customize the colors shown under each predefined category, It may help make entries more visible for each user needs. Pressing each entry will allow new colors to be chosen accordingly.

File Listing

 Text /  Background /  Background (offline)

Defines colors, which display in this area.

Information Bar

 Active /  Normal

Defines colors, which display in this area.

Status Window

 Command /  Left Server Reply /  Right Server Reply /  Error /  info /  Queue Completed /  URL /  Background

Defines colors which display in this area.

Transfer Progress bar

 Existing Progress /  New Progress

Defines colors, which display in this area a preview is shown on the right.

     Blend with window theme
When checked, the background is blended using the windows theme data. In some cases the result may be undesirable and this can be turned off, but in most cases checking this option will provide the best effect.

    Random picker
Will randomly generate colors for each progress type.


Right-clicking any of the buttons will reset the color back to the default value.


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