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flashfxp.ini Advanced Settings


These settings can only be changed by editing the FlashFXP.ini file directly, care should be taken when changing these values. These values are provided for experienced users and should normally not be changed.







0 = off (default)
1 = on

When set to 1 the FlashFXP.ini will become encrypted when "Application password protection" (APP) is activated. You'll need to disable APP and then set it to activate this feature.


0 = off
1 = on (default)

Toggle ANSI control code support in status window.


0 = off (default)
1 = on

Enable high thread priority class.


0 = off (default)
1 = on

When this option is set options are not saved until you exit FlashFXP.


0 = off (default)
1 = on

When set site stats are completely disabled.


0 = off
1 = on (default)

When off Application Password Protection is not available via the GUI.



Designate a custom folder for temporary files when viewing/editing remote files.
By default this path is your windows temp folder.


1 to 9

Controls the amount of MODE Z compression used for uploads.
1 is fast but provides low compression.
9 is slow but provides maximum compression.


32 to 2048 Kilobytes

(default is 256 Kilobytes)

This allows you to override the size of the internal memory buffer used during file downloads. Increasing this value allows you to reduce the number of individual writes to the hard drive. Changing this value is not recommended and can effect the overall performance of file downloads.


2 to 50 Megabytes

(default 2 Megabytes)

This allows you to override the size of the internal memory used for server directory caching. As the internal memory cache fills up the oldest entries in the cache are moved to the hard drive temporary folder.


0 = off (default)
1 = on

This is an experimental feature that was added to try and trick NAT routers/firewalls into allowing site to site transfers, where normally the network address translation would prevent them. A handful of users have had success with this feature but in most cases it causes more problems.


0 = off
1 = on (default)

When set to off FlashFXP will not pre-calculate the total size of local folders queued for upload. Turning this off will prevent the estimated queue time from being calculated correctly.



Location to store server directory caches and other temporary files.
By default this path is your windows temp folder.



(interval sec)

This allows you to adjust the send noop during transfer keep alive value.




This command will be executed upon a successful file transfer.



Any params you need to pass, use the %f macro to pass the filename.


0 = hidden
1 = visible

Show application window.

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