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Sound Events


     Enable Sound Events
Enable the playing of sounds with events as defined in the Event and File table.


List Columns; Event | File

          The table includes a list of events with their associated sound files.





when a server connection is established.


when a server is disconnected.

Connection Lost

when a server connection is lost.

Queue Complete

when the transfer queue is completed.


when an application error occurs.

File Exists

when the file exists prompt is displayed.

Keep Alive Sent

when a keep alive command is sent to the server.

Transfer Error

when a transfer error occurs. i.e. a timeout or server error.

Schedule Start

when the simple scheduler starts.

Schedule End

when the simple scheduler ends.

Server File Search Completed

when the server file search completes.

Calculate Server Space Used Complete

when calculate server space used completes.

Remote Edit Upload Complete

when a remote edit upload completes.


     Folder Browse

          Enter the path and filename to the sound file, or click on the browse button to locate the desired sound.


     Speaker button

          Press this button to play the selected sound file.

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