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     High color toolbars
When checked, high color icons are used on the toolbars. Otherwise 16 color icons are used.

     Minimize to system tray
When checked, on minimize FlashFXP will minimize to the system tray instead of taskbar.

     Tab key switches between file lists (v2.x style)
When checked, The tab key behavior changes to the v2.x style where the tab key only switch between the left and right file lists.

     Extended taskbar tray tooltip window
When checked, The basic system tray tooltip window is replaced with an extended window that provides more details.
The extended tooltip window may not work with some screen readers.

     Activate FlashFXP window on connect
When checked, The FlashFXP window will be restored (if minimized) and become the foreground window.

     Pop up window for login messages
When checked, login message are displayed in a popup window. These messages supplied by the FTP server to users who log in. The messages will always be available in the status window and disk based logging file.

     Open Site Manager on Startup
When checked, the Site Manager is shown on startup.

     Start with Error/Transfer Status
When checked, FlashFXP will start with the error and transfer status window active, instead of the server session status window. 

     Remember last used site in Site Manager
When checked, Next time you open the Site Manager (F4), the previously selected site will be selected by default.

     Enter folder after create
When checked, creating a (local or remote) folder in FlashFXP will also automatically change into to the created folder.

     Interpret ; as raw command delimiter
When checked, This allows user to enter multiple commands via the raw command input, separating them with a semicolon ";"

     Include Quick Connect sites in history
When checked, sites stored in the quick connect are included in the connection history list.

     Screen reader friendly taskbar caption
When checked, The site names are shown before the application name.
Such as "<site name> - FlashFXP" instead of "FlashFXP - <site name>"

     Use single color application icon
When checked, the application icon will always be green, rather then changing colors based on the current program state. (red = offline, orange = connecting, blue = connected, transferring = green)


     Reveal password when selecting password field
When checked, selecting a password field displays the clear-text version of the password.

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