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File Transfer Rules


File transfer rules provide a way to automate the action taken when the file to be transferred is already present in the destination folder.


FlashFXP can compare the size and/or date of the destination file to the source file, as well as the specific type of transfer being performed. Various combinations can be achieved to ensure a comprehensive range, to satisfy any user.

For additional details; please read creating a file transfer rule

Commands are;  Add Entry |  Delete Entry |  Edit Entry |   Move Up |  Move Down
Rules are processed in the listed order, if a rule evaluation becomes invalid due to a prior rule matching, then the invalid rule is striked-out and displayed in red text.

   On transfer error
Action: Ask,  Overwrite,  Skip,  Resume,  Rename
This defines the action taken when retrying a file transfer after an error.
The error can be any type of server error that results in a transfer error or a manual abort by the user during a file transfer.

   If no rules match then
Action: Ask,  Overwrite,  Skip,  Resume,  Rename
This defines the action taken when none of the user-defined rules are matched.

Advanced Settings

     When asked, wait specified number of seconds, then overwrite
When checked, FlashFXP will wait for the specified amount of time then overwrite the existing file.

 KB’s to Rollback on resumed downloads
When checked, FlashFXP will truncate the file being resumed by the defined number of KB to insure the file integrity.
This is only necessary if you're having problems with file corruption as a result of resuming the file. In some cases when a file transfer fails the last packet received can contain garbage.

     Only resume files transferred in binary mode
When checked, FlashFXP will only resume files transferred in binary mode. 
Resuming files transferred in ASCII mode can lead to corruption when downloading from or uploading to UNIX based FTP servers.

     Request size/date prior to transfer
When checked, FlashFXP will send additional commands to the server to determine the current size and/or date of the file prior to transferring the file.
This option ensures that the correct file transfer rule is used during evaluation, Just in case the file was modified since the last time it was seen by FlashFXP.
Un-checking this option can decrease the accuracy of the file transfer rules, but can also help speed up file transfers significantly -- As the command doesn't need to be sent for each file.

Preserve file Date

When checked, FlashFXP will preserve file dates when they match the specified criteria.
This is necessary to provide accurate matching based on date/time.



     Site to Site

The server must support and allow setting the file date in order to preserve the file date on upload or site to site transfers.


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