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File Associations


Association List


The file association dialog provides you with a way to define a set of rules to override the operating system default.  This is only necessary if you want to use a different program in FlashFXP other than the one defined by windows own file associations.


Each entry supports an unlimited number of file masks, when a mask is matched the defined program assigned for editing or viewing will be launched.

Commands are;  New Entry |  Delete Entry |  Edit Entry |  Move Up |  Move Down

New Entry / Edit Entry

File Mask (pattern rules)

Commands are;  New Entry |  Delete Entry |  Edit Entry

Add the desired file pattern masks.
For example you might add *.html to open html files using your favorite text editor.
Use the  ( * ) character as the file pattern mask to match all file names and types.

   Open With

Internal Editor
will open the file our simple text editor. This text editor doesn't support UNIX text format or UTF-8.

Prompt to select program
will display a prompt allowing the user to browse for specific program, this program will then be used to edit or view the file.

     Use to view file
When checked, will use the viewer specified to perform desired function.

     Use to edit file
When checked, will use the editor specified to perform desired function.

    Perform the following action on save

When selected, the global value from the Preferences is used.

When selected, the file will be automatically uploaded whenever the local file is modified.

When selected, The user will be prompted to upload the file when the local file is modified.

Legacy Prompt
When selected, The user will be immediately prompted to upload the file, after the user has finished working with the local file they can then click Yes to upload the file.
This feature re-introduces the old legacy style of remote editing found in previous versions of FlashFXP, and is quite limited by design. When using this method remote files are not added to the Active Edits dialog.

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