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Keep Alives


Dropped connections are annoying and time consuming. By enabling keep alives you can automatically keep the connection alive and configure how aggressively you want to try keeping FTP connection alive.


Routers and firewalls will often and in most cases by default close inactive connections, This allows them to work more efficiently however this can be troublesome for the FTP protocol.

     Enable Global keep Alives
When checked, allow global keep alive command to be sent in any session.

   Keep Alives Command
Below are the commands used by keep alive. Some FTP servers do not reset the activity timeout when noop is sent, we offer a couple additional commands to try to extend the connection for as long as possible.

Sends the noop command. The default command and stands for no-operation.

Sends the PWD command.

Send the LIST command. The list command opens a data connection so this operation is more time consuming.

Send the CWD command.

Refresh will send the LIST command and also update the file listing.

This defines how long in seconds the keep alive command is sent, default is 120 seconds.

Range is 1~72000

     Stop sending Keep Alives after
When checked, this limits the length of time keep alive commands are transmitted.

Range is 1~72000

     Send NOOP command during transfer. (not recommended)
If your connection drops during a file transfer try checking this option, not all servers are compatible with this setting and it can cause additional problems.

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