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The Ident Protocol is a TCP/IP server running on user's computer and listening on specified port to accepts incoming requests and send user's identity back, the default Ident Server port is TCP/IP 113 port.


This allows the FTP server to employ an additional level of security by requiring users to provide a valid User ID before the server will even accept the connection.


     Enable Ident
When checked, this turns the ident server on.

     Enable only when connecting
When checked, This turns the ident server on only when you are connecting to an FTP server.  The ident server is turned off, after you login.

     User ID
This can be your account or user name on your system. For most people this will be the User ID portion of their email address (the text before the @ sign).
Valid characters for a User ID are: . 0-9 A-Z _ - a-z

This identifies your operating system. Replying with a value other than UNIX would not be very useful for most people.

Allows you to set the port the Ident server should listen on.

          This port should also be mapped on a router if one is in use. Please consult your router's documentation if necessary.
Note: This port applies to incoming connections. The default port is 113.

Additional Information

The Ident Server requires incoming connections to your computer.

Make sure your firewall is not blocking incoming TCP/IP connections to 113 port.

If you are behind firewall and router, please configure your router and firewall to forward the incoming connections from TCP/IP 113 port to your computer.

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