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      Data Connection Mode

Passive Mode (PASV)
This instructs FlashFXP to establish a data connection using an outgoing connection.

Passive mode is intended for use where the client is behind a firewall and unable to accept incoming TCP connections. The server sends the client an IP address and port number and the client opens the connection to the server.

Active Mode (PORT)
This instructs FlashFXP to establish a data connection using an incoming connection.

In cases where the FTP server is configured to deny passive mode or behind a firewall active mode may be necessary.

Active Mode (PORT)

     Limit Local Port Range
When checked, restrict the ports to a user controlled range.

     Minimum / Maximum
This defines the minimum and maximum port range to use in active mode (1 to 65535). It is best to choose ports greater than or equal to 50000 for active mode FTP. Due to delays imposed on socket by the TCP stack a port can't be immediately reused. We recommend using a range of at least 1000 ports.

     Force active mode to use local IP
When checked, forces FlashFXP to use a specific IP address when in active mode.

    This field allows you to enter one of the following:

Static IP Address assigned by your ISP. 
This is ideal when your IP is static and doesn't change.

Dynamic DNS hostname using a service such as DynDNS.org.
This is one option for users who are assigned a dynamic IP address by their ISP.

IP lookup via a web page.
This option is the easiest to setup as you just need to select http://iplookup.flashfxp.com from the drop-down list.

You can also create your own IP lookup page on any website running php for example the domain www.trvx.com, we create a folder named iplookup and a file named index.php, in our index.php we add the following php code. now we can use http://www.trvx.com/iplookup/ in place of http://iplookup.flashfxp.com

PHP code  <?=$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'];?>

     Use this IP only for non-port 21 and SSL/TLS connections
When checked, This settings further allows to fine tune if a IP is specificed in active mode to use it to other ports rather then 21 or SSL/TLS connections. This may be necessary for users behind a network address translation (NAT) based router or firewall.

   List Parameters

Will use the default parameters. Some FTP servers only support this option.

Show Hidden files (-al)
Will instruct the server to include hidden files in the file listing. Not all FTP servers are able to accept these parameters, but the majority of them do.

Allows the user to enter custom parameters. This is intended for advanced users.

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