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Custom Commands

Custom commands can be used several ways:


To send a raw command to the server that is not native to FlashFXP. Such as "SITE HELP".

To combine a series of operations into a single command.

To extend FlashFXP and perform advanced automated operations.


Commands are created with "Edit Commands.." and these commands will appear directly under the "Command Menu". Commands can then be executed by selecting the command or by a predefined Shortcut Key.


For a complete list of commands


Some commands may be server software specific and/or limited to specific types of servers.

Edit Commands.. (F7)

The user can define and save custom (raw) commands. Note that this does not constitute scripting.
Opens the Edit Custom Command dialog.


Raw Command.. (Ctrl + R)

Sends a raw command to the server.
Opens a "Raw Command" prompt.


Raw command dialog

     Enter Command 

Enter in the exact command, including any command tokens.


     Results in an edit window

Select this to display the servers response in an edit window.



Custom commands defined by the user are displayed below the standard menu entries.

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