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CHMOD (Change Attributes)


CHMOD is an important command on UNIX servers when dealing with scripts for your website. When you install a script you have to give it the correct permissions. To do this, select one or more files and press Ctrl+O or right-click and select Attributes (CHMOD) from the menu.


The Set UID will allow a program/script to be run as the OWNER of the script, no matter who tries to run it. The same goes for Set GID, except that it gives the GROUP’s permissions to whoever attempts to execute the file. The Sticky bit allows you to set a directory to be world writable, but not allow deletions. This is useful for /tmp directories.


The Attributes (CHMOD) dialog now accepts two chmods via the Permissions field, "644,755" where 644 = folders and 755 = files. If you only want to change the permissions for files and not folders enter "-1,755" the -1 tells FlashFXP to keep the existing permission.

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