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Add Proxy Server Profile dialog


Use this dialog to create or edit the proxy server settings.


Enter a friendly name that will be used to identify this profile.

This is the Type of login required by your Proxy Server. Possible Settings are:


These proxy servers have been tested & work with

0. None

Disables Proxy Support

1. Socks 4

Wingate, WinProxy, CSM, and others

2. Socks 4a

Wingate, WinProxy, CSM, and others

3. Socks 5

Wingate, WinProxy, CSM, and others

4. HTTP Proxy

MS Proxy, Squid Proxy, and others

5. CheckPoint Firewall 1

CheckPoint Firewall 1

6. OPEN ftp-host:ftp-port


7. SITE ftp-host ftp-port


8. SITE ftp-host:ftp-port


9. SITE ftp-user@ftp-host ftp-port


10. SITE ftp-user@ftp-host:ftp-port


11. USER ftp-user@ftp-host ftp-port


12. USER ftp-user@ftp-host:ftp-port

WinProxy, SpoonProxy, and others.

13. USER ftp-user@ftp-host proxy-user


14. USER proxy-user@ftp-host



* No specific software proxy servers are known for these types.  If you have a proxy server not supported or that is supported and is not listed above then please contact us

The machine name of your Proxy server; can be either a named address or an IP address.

This is usually 21 or 1080 for Socks 4 or 5.

This is the account name or user name that is used to connect to the proxy server or firewall.

The password required to access the proxy.

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