FlashFXP v5.3.0.3932 @ 05/06/2016
  • Fixed an issue within the automatic update check that caused FlashFXP to crash while trying to update. Performing the update check manually was not effected by this issue.
FlashFXP v5.3.0.3930 @ 05/04/2016
  • Updated OpenSSL [1.0.2h]
    OpenSSL Security Advisory [3rd May 2016]
  • Updated SecureBlackBox library.
  • Changed the way the OpenSSL library is loaded to ensure that our OpenSSL dlls are used.
  • Fixed an issue where two summary log file messages were only logged to file when session logging was enabled. The CanLog() evaluation was incorrectly checking against ltSession and not ltSummary.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.
FlashFXP v5.3.0.3929 @ 04/22/2016
  • Updated all app services to use a single unified domain for program updates, translation updates/submissions, license key updates, and crash reports.
  • Fixed: In some cases program updates downloaded through LiveUpdate incorrectly failed the validation check and were reported as invalid or incomplete.
  • Fixed: The custom command macro "/loadstr " was not loading the specified rule set.
  • Fixed: The local browser breadcrumb was mangling non-English characters on keyboard input.
  • Fixed: Connecting to a FTP+TLS server via a proxy server on listening on with the option "use site IP for passive mode connections" checked didn't work as expected and the proxy IP was used.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.
FlashFXP v5.3.0.3925 @ 04/09/2016
  • Improved backup/restore feature; backups now include scheduled tasks and their associated queue files.
  • When restoring from a backup there's a new option (unchecked by default) to recreate the scheduled tasks in Windows Task Scheduler.
  • Scheduled Tasks: Fixed an issue where repeated tasks would failing to run after Windows OS has been restarted. (Existing tasks must be manually re-saved for the fix to be applied to the scheduled task entry.)
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.