FlashFXP v5.2.0.3918 @ 03/01/2016
FlashFXP v5.2.0.3914 @ 02/14/2016
  • Fixed: Local browser items sometimes displayed the wrong icon.
  • Fixed: A/V crash during download in TRefList.HashString (a hash table class used within the queue transfer list)
  • Fixed: Issue with changing the action that occurs when an Active Edit is saved, if the file was previously edited while the action was set to upload, then later changed to prompt. the new prompt setting did not take effect.
  • Fixed: Unable to use Ctrl+A in any Site Manager field to select all.
  • Fixed: Language translation credits were missing from the About box.
  • Fixed: The /deselect custom command macro, it did not work correctly in the local file browser.
FlashFXP v5.2.0.3912 @ 01/31/2016
  • Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.2f
  • Change: The logic behind the language translation system has changed, user language files (.ulf) are now merged with the master language files (.dlf) at run-time, this new design should resolve issues where user-edits are lost or overwritten by updates to the master language file.
  • Fixed: Crash when closing the internal text editor using the ESC key.
FlashFXP v5.2.0.3910 @ 01/23/2016
  • Fixed Scheduled Task file transfer rules when using "Use custom rules" the setting were reverted back to use "Use existing rules" when editing the task.
  • Updated SecureBlackBox to latest version.
  • Added lock icon overlay to Site Manager; this serves as an indicator to identify if the site the is configured to use an encrypted connection.
  • Fixed issue with the local file browser sometimes displaying a empty file-list after restoring FlashFXP from the system tray.
  • Fixed issue with the way symbolic links were resolved to files using a set of common file extensions. The routine didn't work as expected. This resulted in some symbolic links to folders incorrectly showing as symbolic links to files.
FlashFXP v5.2.0.3905 @ 12/18/2015
  • Reworked a change from the previous release that could cause FlashFXP to freeze during upload.
FlashFXP v5.2.0.3905 @ 12/16/2015
  • Fixed issue where the ca_root.pem file was stored in the wrong location.
  • Updated SecureBlackBox to latest version.
  • Minor speed improvement for FTP and FTP SSL/TLS uploads, in rare cases where the upload speeds were extremely slow to begin with.
  • Fixed issue importing sites from FileZilla with base64 encoded passwords.
  • Fixed flawed data sanitizing when importing sites from external data sources. CR and LF characters was not being stripped from certain data fields and this caused importing to fail.
FlashFXP v5.2.0.3903 @ 12/11/2015
  • Fixed incorrect file list column order on restart (if the columns were re-ordered).
  • Fixed issue with file list columns not retaining their defined size when "auto size file list columns" was unchecked.
  • Fixed rare crash when the system theme is changed (triggered by invalid WinProc reference while re-creating the window handle)
  • Fixed rare crash on exit caused by an invalid memory overwrite.
  • Fixed non-fatal issue where some code was not executed for scheduled tasks. (resulted in incorrect UI if the main window is shown while task is running)
  • Fixed incorrect drawing of the checklist box control, the wrong part was used for the intermediate state. (was using the intermediate disabled part)
FlashFXP v5.2.0.3901 @ 12/03/2015
  • Updated to OpenSSL 1.0.2e
  • Fixed an issue with SFTP uploads + Preserve file date/time and the way the file transfer rules are evaluated, the millisecond part of the date/time was being skewed and this could result in the new file having a date/time that is 1 second newer than the original. When in fact the date/time should of been identical.
  • Fixed goofy sorting in the local browser when sorting by type, date, or size columns and sub-sorting items with the same type, date, size.
  • Fixed issue with "Confirm file replace" dialog, it flashes the taskbar/window to notify the user but in some cases if the user pressed enter quickly the visual notification did not stop when the dialog closed.
FlashFXP v5.2.0.3900 @ 12/01/2015
  • Fixed issue where was closehandle() sometimes called twice (the second time on an invalid handle) after a sftp download error. This could lead to an unexpected crash or errors within FlashFXP.
FlashFXP v5.2.0.3897 @ 11/24/2015
  • Added new "type" column to the remote file list that can be toggled via right-clicking the header.
  • The file list columns can now be re-ordered by drag/drop on the column header.
  • Fixed file transfer error in mutex handling (regression) when attempting to transfer the same file in multiple instances of FlashFXP or after a file transfer error triggered by a socket error 1054 connection reset by peer. (BUG ID 1083)
  • Fixed issue with the UI not being consistent with certain configurations after closing and restarting FlashFXP. (BUG ID 1082)
  • Fixed issue with the transfer graph 'clear' feature not working correctly (BUG ID 1081)
  • Fixed issue with local bookmark synchronization feature not working correctly (BUG ID 1080)
  • Added work around to address an issue where the local file browser may not update correctly after a delete operation after deleting a file from a network share (BUG ID 1078)
FlashFXP v5.2.0.3891 @ 11/07/2015
  • Added support for curve25519-sha256@libssh.org (SFTP)
  • Fixed a use-after-free issue when certain dialogs were closed in a non-standard way. such as; programs that add additional buttons to the windows titlebar, 3rd party programs, or interface addons.
  • Minor changes to the way the local browser updates the file listing after an operation, specifically when the path is a networked drive/share.
  • Minor changes to the remote browser cache system, A couple problems were reported and should now be resolved, as well as some improvements.
FlashFXP v5.2.0.3890 @ 10/30/2015
  • Fixed an issue where the temp folder path obtained via the OS was a short path name and this could lead to problems on some systems when downloading files to the temp folder for viewing or editing.
  • Improved server side cache system. These changes eliminate alot of situations where the directory listing would be fetched from the server after a rename, move, or delete operation.
  • Fixed A/V crash in cache system that was sometimes triggered after a rename or move operation.
  • Fixed an issue where the file browser was not matching the server side CWD after a connection loss followed by a reconnect to the server. (when not using the Reconnect: method to reconnect)
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to download the same file multiple times would fail because the file was still locked. (like when a real-time anti-virus scanner still scanning the file.)
FlashFXP v5.2.0.3883 @ 10/11/2015
  • Updated SecureBlackBox Library, this update addresses an issue that caused errors importing ECDSA keys and using them with public key authentication.
  • Added support for chacha20-poly1305@openssh.com
  • Added ctrl+F3 shortcut to find previous after using F3 to find next.
  • Added advanced feature to display and delete ssh host keys using a raw command macro /dialog ssh_host_keys
  • Fixed: In some cases FlashFXP incorrectly handled remote files and folders named "/" and the result was unexpected and unpredictable.
FlashFXP v5.2.0.3878 @ 09/27/2015
  • Fixed minor issue where pressing Ctrl+V while renaming would trigger the view file feature.
  • Updated language translations.
FlashFXP v5.2.0.3876 @ 09/25/2015
  • Added support for ECSDA key pairs.
  • Added support for new SFTP Ciphers (aes256-gsm@openssh.com, aes128-gsm@openssh.com)
  • Added support for new SFTP Key Exchange Algorithms (ecdh-sha-curve25519, ecdh-sha2-nistt-*,ecdh-sha2-nistb-*, ecdh-sha2-nistk-*)
  • Added support for new SFTP Message Authentication Codes (aes256-gcm, aes128-gcm)
  • Fixed: Several minor issues in the Server File Search dialog.
  • Fixed: the ability to use :age and :size tokens, in some cases they were failing.
  • Improved speed (5x faster) when evaluating skiplist items.
  • Changed the behavior of the View & Edit operations to work with multiple items selected.
  • Improved compatibility with broken FTP servers, specifically I found on several android based FTP servers where that return a path missing the leading slash in the PWD reply.
  • Improved the cache logic of a remote move or rename operation to update the cache accordingly; In addition if the Server File Search dialog is open the results are updated to reflect these changes as well.
  • Improved indirect site to site transfers. Added additional checking to ensure the file is completely downloaded before uploading, in some rare cases due to server error the download could be complete yet the server indicates the file was sent successfully.
  • Fixed a couple minor issues with the synchronized browsing feature.
  • Fixed an access violation crash when the connection is lost during a make directory operation via the SFTP protocol.
  • Fixed issue with duplicate folders in the navigation tree list after a folder is deleted.
  • Improved parsing the LIST output of MacOS based FTP servers that use the format defined by "MacOS Peter's Server" but use a custom name in the SYST reply.
  • Fixed parsing wildcard mask modifiers in cases where the mask modifer doesn't come first. i.e. "*2* :age+1d" when using mask select or via custom commands /select /andselect /selectall /deselect
  • Updated SecureBlackBox, This update adds support for additional Ciphers, MACs (message authentication codes), and KEXs (key exchange algorithms).
  • Added new "Tango (medium)" toolbar image set consisting of 48x48 images.