FlashFXP v5.1.0.3861 @ 7/11/2015
  • Fixed when Queuing/Transferring via the Server File Search dialog invalid characters in the source file-name were not replaced in the target file-name before attempting to download.
  • Fixed the Queue Selected and Transfer Selected buttons were only functional when the browser pane was activated.
  • When moving a file/folder via drag/drop in the local browser the "move file/folder" confirmation prompt is now correctly shown.
  • Added new global remote edit option located in the Preferences dialog under the "View/Edit file" section named "Create a backup copy of file original file on upload". On the first edit of a file a backup is created named ., the timestamp is the current modified date/time of the file.
  • Added new per-file-association option located in the File Associations dialog named "Create a backup copy of file original file on upload".
  • Changed the behavior of the Server File Search dialog, you can now minimize this dialog.
  • Added new /dialog custom command to open dialogs used within FlashFXP, this allows the user to bind a custom shortcut to open these dialogs, more information can be found in the help file.
  • Fixed remote browser caching issue when connected to two remote servers (one in each browser pane) when performing a Server File Search on one side while navigating folders on the opposite remote browser caused the folders to not be cached.
  • Fixed remote browser caching issue where a failed directory listing or aborting the list operation would clear the cache for all child folders.
  • Fixed issue where FlashFXP would sometimes fail to refresh/update the directory content of shared folders when running under a VirtualBox VM, these drives are virtual mapped drives and certain Windows Network API's cannot be called on them otherwise the function calls fail.
FlashFXP v5.1.0.3860 @ 7/09/2015
  • Updated: OpenSSL 1.0.2d
FlashFXP v5.1.0.3850 @ 6/11/2015
  • Fixed crash running scheduled tasks that perform site to site transfers, there was an error that referenced an object that didn't exist resulting in an access violation.
  • When retrieving a directory listing over the SFTP protocol the bytes received is now shown in the status-bar panel.
  • Added command tokens %n to reference the name part of a file without extension and %e to reference the extension (.ext)
  • Added /set @var@ ("title","text") token modifier to allow the user to bring up the folder select dialog and store the result in @var@
FlashFXP v5.1.0.3848 @ 5/25/2015
  • Fixed: Issue with creating a new custom command if no custom commands exist.
  • Fixed: Custom Command /deselect when using a modifier i.e. /deselect * :age+1d
  • Fixed: QueueAs/TransferAs (previous build didn't resolve the problem).
  • Fixed: Several issues with the queue item editor.
  • Added new raw command; /edit "" to open the file for editing.
  • Added new raw command; /view "" to open the file for viewing.
  • Added new advanced setting via raw command; /set app.os.theme <0|1> set to 0 to turn off theming on list-view and tree-views, 1 to re-enable it. If you're using a dark color scheme it may be more desirable to have themes turned off.
  • Added new advanced setting via raw command; /set app.queue.parent <0|1> typically the parent folder entry in the file list cannot be queued/transferred, this override re-enables this behavior allowing the parent directory entry to act as "all items in folder"
  • Fixed issue editing UTF-8 files via the internal editor.
  • Fixed issue with certain raw commands not executing correctly when run via the transfer queue.
  • Changed the way the delete confirmation prompt is shown in the local browser when enabled, if the OS is configured to show a confirmation prompt then that prompt is shown otherwise we display our own confirmation prompt.
  • Added new experimental raw command; /copyfile "" "" this command works both locally and remotely, if the server protocol doesn't support a direct copy then the file will be downloaded locally and then uploaded to create the copy.
FlashFXP v5.1.0.3839 @ 5/10/2015
  • Changed: Reworked the Site Manager dialog, site profile settings have been Reworked so that they are now consistent across all connection types, FTP, SFTP, FTPS. Each connection type now has its own tab for connection specific settings.
  • Added: The ability to set a custom Sftp Server via the Site Manager > SFTP Tab.
  • Fixed: Corrected issue in an internal UNCPath function that could incorrectly handle \server\path\ paths.
  • Fixed: Custom Commands > Using the /busybox command followed by the /confirm command could cause FlashFXP to freeze up.
  • Changed: Custom Commands > The /busybox dialog now hides while another dialog window is being shown.
  • Fixed: SFTP > When the SSH client is unable to automatically launch the SftpServer several alternatives locations are tried automatically, the method for starting these alternatives was flawed and in some cases resulted in a failure to start the SftpServer.
  • Fixed: Resolved an issue with an internal function that was used to determine if multiple items were selected, this caused some basic functionality failure under some conditions.
  • Fixed: Resolved an issue with the queue list right-click menu and right-click menu shortcuts not always working as intended.
  • Changed: A previous fix for resolving an issue with incorrect file icons introduced some undesired lag when scrolling the file listing, the fix has been reworked to eliminate this lag.
  • Changed: By default FlashFXP uses the Windows operating system defined fonts, this change was saved even if the user did not change the font, as a result when the system font changed FlashFXP continued to use the old font.
  • Changed: The OpenSSL dlls are now statically linked to the FlashFXP.exe, as a result they are now required to use FlashFXP. This was done to resolve issues where in some rare situations FlashFXP was using OpenSSL dlls from another application, which in some cases was an older version of OpenSSL.
  • Changed: Custom Commands > @var@ variables can now be used within token modifiers.
  • Fixed: Using QueueAs/TransferAs did not use the new filename in some situations.
FlashFXP v5.1.0.3836 @ 5/02/2015
  • Fixed: Text selection in the status console window failed to copy the text to the clipboard in some specific situations.
  • Fixed: Loading a queue file that referenced sites that no longer existed in the site manager / quick connect could result in a crash.
  • Changed: On the remote folder select dialog the path input control was changed from a edit to a drop-down box and is now populated with previously selected paths during the current site session.
  • Changed: The remote folder select dialog now remembers its size/position.
  • Changed: The site select/add site dialog now remembers its size/position.
  • Fixed: In some cases a remote move operation would fail when performing the operation via the right-click "Move" command.
FlashFXP v5.1.0.3834 @ 4/25/2015
  • Fixed: Loading and executing a saved queue that references sites by ID (i.e Auto saved queues) that no longer exist in the Site Manager could under some conditions cause FlashFXP to get stuck in an infinite loop and lock up.
  • Fixed: Under a rare condition the Queue List window might cache the wrong site name and the remark column would display the wrong site name. This did not effect functionality and was only a visual issue.
  • Fixed: Local browser drag operations incorrectly passed a UTF-8 encoded path-name when calling a windows API when it should of used Unicode path-name, this caused some drag/drop operations to fail.
  • Fixed: After the desktop color depth changes sometimes FlashFXP would incorrectly render the toolbar buttons with an opaque background.
  • Fixed: If FlashFXP is left minimized while the local browser is displaying the content of a network drive/location and this location becomes unavailable it could cause FlashFXP to freeze for an unusually long time or lockup when restoring the window.
  • Fixed: Synchronized browsing issue where the remote synchronized root path was not correctly defined under some conditions.
  • Fixed: Scheduled tasks > If the task failed as a result of being unable to resolve the server host name this reason was not clearly indicated.
  • Fixed: Internal file read-only check on data files was incorrectly passing Unicode file-names to ANSI version of APIs.
  • Changed: Clipboard monitor now uses a more reliable monitoring method on Windows Vista and up.
  • Fixed: Eliminated multiple RedrawWindow() API calls after unlocking the window canvas for drawing due to erroneous DrawLockLevel evaluation.
  • Fixed: Indirect site to site transfers were experiencing a problem that caused the UI to appear frozen between the download and upload operations while waiting for the file to become ready.
  • Fixed: In some cases FlashFXP was unnecessary reloading the FlashFXP data files from disk.
  • Fixed: Remote editing, auto uploading on save could in some specific cases try to upload even when another operation is in progress resulting in a failed upload.
  • Fixed: After a download transfer failure attempting to re-transfer the file could incorrectly result in the file being skipped.
FlashFXP v5.1.0.3829 @ 4/12/2015
  • During the build process of the previous release something went wrong when linking the units and the wrong units were linked. The linked units had the wrong compiler flags and as a result some basic features malfunctioned.
FlashFXP v5.1.0.3828 @ 4/11/2015
  • Fixed: Editing queue items with the queue in progress could lead to unexpected and incorrect results, the wrong items were updated in the queue list.
  • Fixed: The background dir size scanner didn't stop scanning if the folder being scanned was removed from the queue. (this should resolve the short freeze/delay that some users have reported when uploading folders)
  • Fixed: Under some conditions the disconnect button for a site in the offline mode may be switched to disabled when disconnecting or aborting a site on the opposite browser.
  • Fixed: Raw Command Pasting commands into the multi-line raw command input box.
  • Fixed: Raw Command dialog The option "Display results in Edit Window" was defaulting to a value of a completely unrelated setting.
  • Fixed: Small memory leak during shell drah/drop operation when dragging and then canceling the drop.
  • Fixed: Improved mutex handling to avoid issues with concurrent downloads via multiple instances of FlashFXP.
  • Fixed: Queue info dialog; custom commands were counted as folders, now there's a new column for commands. Along with some DPI and translation scaling issues.
  • Added support for digest authentication via HTTP Proxy.
FlashFXP v5.1.0.3826 @ 3/28/2015
  • This update addresses an issue where FlashFXP may inadvertently revert back to the trial edition.
FlashFXP v5.1.0.3825 @ 3/27/2015
  • Changes made in our previous release have revealed an uninitialized buffer used to store error messages from OpenSSL. This can lead to unexpected errors within FlashFXP.
FlashFXP v5.1.0.3824 (security update) @ 3/26/2015
  • This update implements several new integrity and validation security checks to protect our users from future threats.
FlashFXP v5.1.0.3820 (security update) @ 3/21/2015
  • Updated: OpenSSL 1.0.2a
  • Added: new option in Preferences dialog under General > Options > Use single color application icon. When checked, the application icon will always be green, rather then changing colors based on the current program state. (red = offline, orange = connecting, blue = connected, transferring = green)
  • Fixed: The session console window wasn't displaying lines with length of 1.
  • Change: Improved file handling when downloading a single set of files using multiple parallel copies of FlashFXP.
FlashFXP v5.1.0.3818 @ 3/17/2015
  • Fixed: Issue downloading translation updates when the translation name contains a space. i.e. Chinese Simplified.
  • Fixed: Issue with SSL session re-use when using active mode (PORT/EPRT) data connections.
  • Fixed: FTP proxy issue when connecting to the proxy via an IPv6 address to a IPv4 FTP server.
  • Fixed: Incorrect status message displayed on download when FlashFXP failed to open the local file for write.
  • Fixed: IPv6 addresses were not properly formatted when using the copy to clipboard feature.
  • Fixed: The URL parser failed to parse IPv6 addresses pasted into FlashFXP (Quick Connect / Site Manager).
  • Fixed: Failure to transfer to/from network shares \\path
  • Fixed: Custom commands > incorrect result when using /queue selected with a modifier within a command block.
  • Fixed: Custom commands > incorrect result when using () to strip characters.
  • Changed: If FlashFXP encounters an error saving a data file to disk then an error message is displayed, the error message now includes a list of files affected by this failure. For some unexplained reason a few people have a corrupted schedule.dat which is causing this issue. As long as you don't have any scheduled tasks in FlashFXP you can safely delete it. Otherwise you may need to replace it from a back-up.
FlashFXP v5.1.0.3817 @ 3/14/2015
  • Fixed: When FlashFXP is running as a scheduled task, if the user restored FlashFXP from the system tray the main application window was blank.
  • Fixed: High DPI scaling issue where the statusbar transfer progress panel was not scaled.
  • Fixed: An issue where in some situations the remote file listing cache was stale and regardless of the settings it should of been purged and re-cached. i.e. within a single queue; upload a folder to a site followed by downloading the same folder to the users computer in new location. The download would fail because the cache was stale.
  • Fixed: An issue uploading files where the source path+filename was 260 characters or longer.
  • Fixed: on the confirmation prompt "Opening separate shell session" the check-box "Don't show this dialog again" the text was missing a UTF-8 to Unicode conversion.
  • Fixed: In the remote file browser when sorting by column (owner, group, attrib) the sorted result was incorrect due to a logic error evaluating the "parent directory" item.
  • Fixed: SFTP / Keyboard authentication issue. [BUG ID: 1020]
  • Updated SBB library (used for x.509 certificates, public/private keys, ssh, and sftp)
  • New command script macro: /busybox Displays a busy dialog during script execution with a cancel button.
  • Major change to the way FlashFXP handles remote directory listings. Now the auto-detect setting detects UTF-8 and converts non-UTF8 text using the operating system code page. Previously non UTF-8 was displayed using the Windows 1252 code page. This caused problems displaying non-English text such as Korean and Chinese. This change may result in some text being displayed incorrectly. If you experience problems please let me know ASAP. Please provide the name and version of the FTP server software and the language as well as the OS version and language. Additional information may be required.
  • Changed: Many internal Unicode to UTF-8 conversions were changed from using CP 1252 to using the operating system locale CP.
  • Fixed entering a Unicode pathname in the drop-down path breadcrumb could fail.
  • Fixed the Active Edits feature did not always handle Unicode file-names correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with timestamps in the session console window, resulting in some incorrect timestamps.
  • Changed: Timestamps in the session console window, if you turn timestamps on you will now see timestamps for pre-existing lines in the window.
  • Fixed issue with the font select dialog; the font preview used the wrong color.
  • Cleaned up parts of the transfer queue routine and removed some flawed code that attempted to swap the direction of a queue item.
  • Changed: When a delete operation is performed via the transfer queue FlashFXP makes sure that there are no failed transfers pending, if any are found then they are reset and retried, if the transfer fails again then the transfer queue is now aborted. In Previous builds the delete operation was marked as failed and skipped and the queue continued.
  • Major speed improvement when downloading from a ProFTPD/mod_sftp Server.
  • Fixed SSH/SFTP compatiblity issue with Sun_SSH that resulted in incomplete/failed uploads.
  • Major overhaul to the custom command script engine to resolve an issue where command blocks and script macro includes were sometimes executed in the wrong order. THIS MAY BREAK PRE-EXISTING CUSTOM COMMAND SCRIPTS THAT RELY ON OUT OF ORDER EXECUTION. PLEASE VERIFY THAT THEY WORK AS EXPECTED.
  • Fixed an issue in command scripts that caused /shell { } command blocks to stop working.
  • Improved the %c (clipboard text) token when the clipboard contains multiple lines of text and is used with the /shell command. i.e. "/shell %c"
  • Fixed Unicode encoding issue in the /writeln command when the output filename contained non-UF8 characters.
  • Fixed an issue with the /select* commands in the remote browser where the current item selection wasn't correctly cleared before being applied.
  • Fixed an issue in the local browser where in some situations the wrong icon was displayed for an item.
  • Fixed an issue with using -get with a ftp:// url via the command line.
  • Fixed an issue with FTPS uploads where the file transfer would fail and was treated as if it was successful. This could occur if the control channel was lost and the data data channel successfully completed a graceful TLS shutdown without actually sending the entire file.
  • Added raw command "/set app.icon.static 1" to set the taskbar/window icon to a static icon, rather than change based on the current state.
  • Added raw command "/set app.closetotray 1" to change the behavior of FlashFXP when clicking the close button to minimize to the tray rather than exit. To exit FlashFXP you need to either use Exit from under the Session menu or the tray right-click menu.
  • Fixed UTF-8/Unicode encoding issue when using a selective transfer rule that contains UTF-8 encoded characters in the Edit Queue and Edit Scheduled Task dialogs.
  • Fixed an issue with selective transfer rules; when the files list action is set to transfer and folder list action is set to skip and the entry in the folder list is an exact match (no wildcard/regex) the folder list action could be ignored and allow the matching folder to transfer.
  • Fixed Site Manager > Site Profile > TCP/IP Buffer size > Send/Receive values were reversed on load.
  • Fixed double UTF-8 encoding on some SFTP status messages shown in the console window.
  • Fixed local browser modified date was rounded to the nearest even second. The SHGetDataFromIDList api doesn't mention this limitation.