FlashFXP v4.2.5.1813 @ 8/03/2012
4.2.5 hot fix
Bug fixes
  • Fixed: Selective transfer rules aren't being applied correctly, in some cases either they're completely ignored or all files are skipped.
  • Fixed: In some cases FlashFXP would crash when using a screen reader while hovering over some text or when closing a child window.
  • Fixed compatibility issue with NVDA screen reader when hovering over a richedit control, this problem is caused by a bug in NVDA but I have found a way to work around it until they fix the problem.
  • Fixed: When the option "request file size/date prior to transfer" is enabled FlashFXP will now check to see if the source file still exists before performing a site to site transfer, this will eliminate additional delays should the file no longer exist, and depending on the FTP server software aborting a site to site transfer isn't very reliable. On *nix servers it often fails.
  • Fixed: When connecting to a site profile stored in the site manager via the command line or via Win7 jump-list the site would sometimes appear in your quick connect list, deleting the site from the quick connect would also delete it from your site manager. This should now be resolved. Site profile sites should not be added to the quick connect site list.
  • Fixed: When dropping a file into the file list sometimes the drop-highlight state wasn't reset after the drop, leaving the item to appear selected.
  • Fixed: We recently changed the download behavior to compare the local file size against the remote file size to ensure the file was downloaded completely, however this caused problems with downloading files that are updated during the transfer, such as log files, so this behavior has been removed.
FlashFXP v4.2.5.1810 @ 7/27/2012
4.2.5 hot fix
Bug fixes
  • Fixed: En-queued local delete folder operations were ignoring the optional user-defined file mask and the include sub-folder settings.
  • Fixed: En-queued remote delete operations would fail to execute when run from a scheduled task and displayed a user-interactive error prompt.
  • Fixed: When downloading a remote file, if the connection is lost before any data is transmitted then the wrong file transfer rule could be applied. This situation should trigger the user defined action for the "On transfer error" rule but instead it uses the normal file transfer rules, or if the default rule is set to prompt and the user selects skip all, resume all, overwrite all, then that action was used.
FlashFXP v4.2.5.1807 @ 7/26/2012
4.2.5 maintenance release
Improved features
  • Improved the aborting procedure of FTP file transfers to take into consideration delayed replies from the FTP server.
  • Improved SFTP compatibility with Sun_SSH, Previous versions were unable to upload.
  • Improved SFTP compatibility with mod_sftp, Previous versions could corrupt the file during upload.
  • Improved SFTP upload transfer speed (50-70% faster) with many SFTP servers.
  • Improved support for FlashFXP running on legacy versions of Windows and Windows with themes disabled.
  • Improved file date/time handling on FTP servers that use the older LIST style directory output. If the file time is not available then date/time comparison is limited to the date.
  • Improved preserve date/time on upload to ensure the date/time is set, if the control connection is lost at the end of the file transfer then the set file date/time operation is en-queued until the connection can be restored.
New Features
  • Added an option to randomly select a toolbar background on start-up.
  • Added an option to turn off TCP/IP keep-alives and adjust the keep-alive interval.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a rare critical section dead lock the threaded event timer. I suspect that this issue caused the remote edit feature in FlashFXP to malfunction, as well as other event related features.
  • Fixed multiple issues that could cause FlashFXP to crash on start up when run as a scheduled task.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the user from saving a queue file to disk.
  • Fixed an issue where the local or remote browser were ending up in different locations after transferring a file. Sometimes one would revert back to the original location prior to the transfer, or use the default path stored in the site profile.
  • Fixed several user-interface glitches where the content wasn't properly updated or redrawn.
FlashFXP v4.2.4.1784 @ 6/13/2012
4.2.4 maintenance release
Improved features
  • Improved window minimize compatibility with DisplayFusion and other 3rd party task-bar replacements.
  • Improved compatiblity with OpenSSH+HPN and HPI VMS behind a MultiPath SFTP server.
  • Added support for right-click drag and then drop into a single local browser window.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed issue when en-queued local delete operations when queued in-between remote file operations which resulted in the remote server being disconnected and re-connected, and in some cases the re-connect would fail due to a race condition.
  • Fixed issue with remote edit legacy prompt, resulting in the prompt window being always on top of all windows.
  • Fixed issue with expanding folders for upload file transfer when not connected to the target server.
  • Fixed issue with x.509 client certificate authentication when connecting to FTP SSL/TLS servers. OpenSSL was failing to load the client certificate.
  • Fixed issue with en-queued sever delete operations. The deleted file wasn't correctly removed from the internal directory cache, triggering a file exists prompt/comparison rule when the delete operation was followed by a file upload with the same name as the deleted file.
  • Fixed issue with the remote directory disk cache manager that could sometimes prevent FlashFXP from shutting down correctly.
  • Fixed off screen window placement issue, in some cases such as switching between single and dual monitors the main child windows could sometimes end up positioned off screen.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented FlashFXP from successfully logging into some servers.
FlashFXP v4.2.3.1771 @ 5/11/2012
4.2.3 maintenance release
Security updates
  • Updated to OpenSSL 1.0.1c.
    OpenSSL Security Advisory http://www.openssl.org/news/secadv_20120510.txt
Improved features
  • Improved file upload routine to keep the file open throughout the entire upload process, this should eliminate issues where FlashFXP attempts to upload the file only to have it fail with an open/access error.
  • Added the ability to store x509 certificates/ssh keys with a passphrase, you will be prompted to enter a password any time the certificate or ssh key is loaded.
  • Improved logical/natural sorting. The hybrid method we were using didn't always match the operating system.
  • Improved FTP directory list handling and parsing. Typically each entry should end in a CR/LF, but this isn't always the case and some FTP servers use LF or CR.
  • Improved the behavior of Transfer (via queue list > right-click ), if the connection attempt is delaying for retry it will now trigger a reconnect, rather than waiting the duration of the retry delay.
  • Improved drawing of the file list, in some cases moving the mouse over the file list would cause some items to randomly erase and not draw correctly.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug in the UNIX style list parser when parsing certain timestamps and as a result the entry displayed the wrong timestamp.
  • Fixed [interface/keyboard] issue that prevented item selection/unselection when using control+space key combination.
FlashFXP v4.2.2.1760 @ 4/20/2012
4.2.2 maintenance release
Security updates
  • Updated to OpenSSL 1.0.1a.
    OpenSSL Security Advisory http://www.openssl.org/news/secadv_20120419.txt
Improved features
  • Added: [SSL/FTP/X509] support for verifying the host-name using X509 v3 subject alternative names.
  • Added a text Find feature to the language translation editor.
  • Added: The ability to select more than one file/folder when using the Enqueue > Rename feature.
  • Added: Command line switches to rename/move files on the server. FlashFXP.exe /RENAME="/absolute/path/file.ext" TO="/absolute/path/new.ext"
  • Improved local browser re-sort method on automatic refresh.
  • Improved error handling in the local folder select dialog.
  • Improved the method used to keep a folder cache state in sync with the tree navigation cached icon.
  • Improved automatic SSCN command switching and error handling when performing secure site to site transfers.
  • Improved toolbar/buttons rendering, some older systems had problems rendering the 32-bit button images with a alpha channel, resulting in a solid color (non-transparent) box around each button.
  • Improved toolbar backgrounds to support transparent PNG images.
  • Improved placement, position and size of translated text in several locations.
  • Improved support for files and folders containing a forward slash (\) as part of the name on unix based systems.
  • Improved font size for the local browser text on the toolbar, the font size now scales to better match the toolbar button size.
  • The shortcut key for "Connection Type" in the Quick Connect dialog has changed to Alt+E.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed: [Advanced Transfer] The Queue As and Transfer As features now bypass the skip-list rules.
  • Fixed: [remote browser] The ctrl + v shortcut for view file did not always work.
  • Fixed: [UTF-8] The UTF-8/ANSI text conversion was failing on filenames that were only 1 character long.
  • Fixed: [FTP/MLST] Our previous fix for the PS3 FTP Server/multiMAN MLST issue has resulted in an unexpected compatibility issue with other servers, resulting in the wrong date/time and file size being detected, the wrong file transfer rule can be applied and the wrong date/time set on downloads.
  • Fixed: Lockup when connecting to two sites at the exact same time.
  • Fixed: When using the enqueue / rename feature the internal directory cache was not reset to reflect the changes.
  • Fixed issue with MLSD failing to handle unix.mode with a non-standard value.
  • Fixed two separate situations that could cause FlashFXP to crash on shutdown.
  • Fixed issue where the local parent directory button was non-working during a remote operation (i.e. delete) on the same side.
  • Fixed: Logical sorting was broke when sorting items such as a1a, a1b, a1c, etc.
  • Fixed: remote tree navigation was missing the folder icons. Somehow the image-list association was lost.
  • Fixed: FlashFXP was not remembering the maximized window state when closed while the window is minimized.
  • Fixed: After deleting a file the file list would sometimes stop redrawing correctly.
  • Fixed: [ftp/ssl] empty directory listing, this occurred when the data socket was closed during the SSL handshake.
FlashFXP v4.2.1.1744 @ 3/25/2012
4.2.1 maintenance release
New and Improved features
  • Improved [ftp] folder path name handling when performing operations on the server, specifically when the folder name changes as a result of the FTP server. A folder named "test" may be entered by the user but the server might name the folder as "TEST".
  • Improved UNIX:L8 directory list parser to better handle directory listings where the group or owner field contains a space.
  • Improved internal image-list stream loading/saving. A compatibility issue in the old method could cause FlashFXP to crash immediately on start-up on some operating systems.
  • Improved and updated the theme manager component. The update addresses an issue found in the original theme manager that failed to insure the window handle for the sub-classed component was valid, If the handle was invalid it could cause FlashFXP crash.
  • Improved threaded timer callback routines, Some rare situations could trigger a race condition which could cause FlashFXP to crash.
  • Improved performance of the server file search and calculate disk space features by replacing the lookup list container with a faster hash lookup list container.
  • Upgraded OpenSSL to v1.0.1.
  • Improved compatibility with PS3 FTP Server/multiMAN, The MLST command unexpectedly returns multiple non-matching entries causing a conflict when evaluating the file transfer rules.
  • Improved [server compatibility] We now attempt to detect "mTCP FTP server" and "PS3 FTP Server" during login, when detected FlashFXP will issue the standard LIST command without any parameters.
  • Improved [server compatibility] We now attempt to login with ANSI and/or UTF8 encoded username and password on login failure, some FTP servers require UTF8 while others require ANSI with no way to determine.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed [remote/tree navigation] an issue where the cached overlay icon displayed on the tree navigation wasn't removed after uploading files into the folder.
  • Fixed [connection/retry] There was a very small chance of a race condition when aborting the connection attempt that could result in FlashFXP locking up.
  • Fixed: [local browser/sorting] In some situations the sort comparison was comparing the wrong data.
  • Fixed: [sftp] The connection lost status message was reporting the wrong idle time.
  • Fixed: [download/upload] On write failure the file stream object was freed twice which could lead to memory corruption.
  • Fixed: [application/event timer] When closing FlashFXP the event thread could crash as a result of the owner being freed before the thread loop exited.
  • Fixed: [local browser/drop-down box] Unable to insert a line. error, the drop-down list failed to clear the entries on close up eventually running out of space.
  • Fixed: [remote edit / auto upload] In some cases FlashFXP didn't detect when the local file was saved.
  • Fixed: [remote edit / legacy prompt] When using legacy prompt mode and opening the file in the internal text editor the upload prompt would appear on top of the internal editor preventing the file from being edited.
  • Fixed: [remote browser / rename] Under some conditions performing a rename didn't set the browser state to busy, allowing the user to perform unsafe operations while in the middle of performing the rename operation.
  • Fixed: [remote browser / delete] Under some conditions delete was incorrectly disabled and prevented the user from performing the operation.
  • Fixed: [application] A performance bottleneck in the main application message loop resulted in a wide range of issues, non-ssl ftp downloads were being throttled, audio stuttering (text-to-speech) when using NVDA screen-reader, were a couple of the main issues noticed.
  • Fixed: [server/set file attributes dialog] Incorrect tab order when pressing the tab key to switch focus to the next control.
  • Fixed: [sftp/download] When disk write error occurred during download the file transfer wasn't stopped immediately.
  • Fixed: [server/download] A bug in the cache lookup system resulted in some upload file transfers being overwritten without prompting the user.
  • Fixed: [installer] The installer didn't always update existing language files and sometimes it installed languages that weren't installed.
FlashFXP v4.2.0.1730 @ 3/3/2012
4.2.0 Stable
New and Improved features
  • Added: [preferences/view and edit file] New option to include "View and Edit" in edit history, previously local edits were included and this was not desirable for everyone. The default value is unchecked.
  • Added: [live update] integrity check of the downloaded setup and on failure the ability to use an alternative download location.
  • Added: [session/speed limits] You can now set/adjust the session speed limits via the session menu, or by right-clicking the speed limit icon in the status-bar.
  • Added: Holding down the shift key while selecting Copy to clipboard > HTTP URL will open the url in your default web browser.
  • Added: [sftp] A fallback solution for sftp servers where the sftp-subsystem is not enabled, but the sftp-server binary is installed.
  • Added: [queue/list] The ability to hide/show the columns (Target, Size, and Remark) in the queue window, right-click on the column header for the menu.
  • Improved: [Server File Search] These improvements were made to the error handling, command execution, and sub-search filtering.
  • Improved Implicit SSL connection handshaking and auto switching from Implicit SSL to Explicit SSL if a standard plain text FTP server reply is received.
  • Improved CPU usage when connecting to two servers at the same time.
  • Improved the speed in which FlashFXP exits, depending on what FlashFXP was doing there were situations where FlashFXP might take a minute or more to actually exit.
  • Improved: [Site Manager] Loading and saving site profiles is now faster.
  • Improved: [file transfer rules/validation] In certain cases a file transfer rule could be considered invalid with a prior rule taking priority, however there was no indication if this.
  • Changed: [file transfers] When the "remove failed transfers from queue" setting was enabled it bypassed the "retry failed transfers" feature, To resolve this issue a failed item is kept in the queue until the retry limit has been reached and then it is removed.
  • Changed: The connection status icons (encryption, speed limiting, compression) are now always displayed on the status-bar.
  • Changed: [folder bookmarks/synchronized browsing] Previous versions of FlashFXP had a setting named "Use synchronized browsing" on the bookmark dialog, this has been replaced with a drop-down box allowing 3 different states.
    Default - uses the current synchronized browsing mode.
    Enabled - turns on synchronized browsing, if it isn't already on.
    Disabled - turns off synchronized browsing, if it is already on.
  • Changed: [local browser/drag&drop] All drag/drop operations between local browser windows now correctly support the ctrl and shift keyboard modifiers.
  • Changed: [local browser/local to local/drag&drop] The behavior of the "local to local" drag/drop option has changed, Now this option will only change the default behavior for drag/drop between the local browsers, it will not effect drag/drop between the tree navigation and the file list within the local browser pane.
  • Changed: [tool-bars] Eliminated unnecessary repainting when toggling tool-bar buttons.
  • Changed: [network/sockets] The way we use TCP keep-alives has changed. Now TCP keep-alives are only enabled on the control channel when a data channel is active.
  • Changed: [tool bar/background] Changes to the way the tool-bar background is rendered, eliminating some unnecessary erasing/drawing.
  • Changed: [sftp] When using public key authentication FlashFXP will skip any keyboard-interactive password prompts and use the public key.
  • Changed: [on transfer complete/shutdown computer] The original design didn't allow FlashFXP to shut down the computer if the user session was locked. This has been changed, FlashFXP will now try the normal way first and if windows reports that the session is locked it will attempt to force the shutdown.
  • Changed: [remote edit] FlashFXP uses the last write file date/time stamp to determine if the file is modified, this value is only accurate to the nearest 2 seconds, as a result a quick edit and save could occur without detection. To address the problem we now set the file date/time stamp to an earlier time.
  • Changed: [remote edit/upload prompt] The site name is now displayed in the caption of the remote edit upload prompt.
  • Changed: [remote/navigation tree] The sort order now matches the file list which uses a natural word based sort.
  • Improved: [download/transfers] I eliminated a couple unnecessary file operations.
  • Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.0g
  • Minor improvements to the setup installer script, The installer now uses a new method to detect if FlashFXP is running.
  • Improved: [tool-bar/backgrounds] Using a custom background with certain display layouts. In some cases the end result wasn't what you might expect.
  • Improved: [sftp/server specific] Addressed a compatibility issue with JSCAPE SFTP server. This issue resulted in random disconnects.
  • Updated SFTP engine to latest version.
  • Improved: [socket/connections] The way socket connections are established.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed: [Buffer Overflow Vulnerability] Discovered by vulnerability-lab.com, A flaw in the VCL components (TListbox and TComboBox) resulted in a buffer overflow. I have resolved the issue in the components and added additional input validation.
  • Fixed: [file transfers] If the retry failed transfer count was set to retry 0 times and the connection is lost, FlashFXP made no attempt to reconnect and transfer any files remaining in the queue.
  • Fixed: [file list/columns] The remote file browser was not properly sizing the columns when only the name column is visible and the auto size column setting was off.
  • Fixed: [tool-bar/states] The queue/transfer selected buttons are no longer enabled when just the parent directory entry is selected. Since this is not a valid selection.
  • Fixed: [Server file search] Searching by date incorrectly used the server date/time and was not adjusting for any server time zone offset.
  • Fixed: [Portable Installer] In some cases the portable installer was failing when run via from the update check.
  • Fixed: [local browser/drag&drop] The state of the drag cursor did not reflect the actual operation that was performed on drop between local browser panes.
  • Fixed: [logging] When disk logging was disabled there was still an attempt to log the session summary on transfer queue completion.
  • Fixed: [file transfers] The "retry failed transfers" setting was counting the first failure as 1 and as a result a retry count of 1 would not retry the transfer.
  • Fixed: [file transfers] The "remove failed transfers from queue" setting wasn't working as intended and when this option was enabled a directory failure could result in an end-less loop.
  • Fixed: [local browser] Drive/device error when attempting to read the icon from a shortcut that points to an invalid location.
  • Fixed: [local browser/tree navigation] shift and ctrl key modifiers for drag and drop operations.
  • Fixed: [server/connect] In some cases the connection failure error message was incorrectly reporting "connection refused" as "connection timeout".
  • Fixed: [server/connect] The IP address list from a DNS lookup was not cleared between connection attempts. This was an issue when connected to Site A via a host-name, disconnecting, then connecting to Site B via an IP. If the connection attempt to Site B failed a the retry was attempted using the IP from Site A.
  • Fixed: [tray icon] Rapidly hiding and showing the main window could result in a race condition where the main window became hidden and the tray icon is removed.
  • Fixed: Closing FlashFXP while minimized to the system tray could cause FlashFXP to crash while exiting.
  • Fixed: [scheduled tasks/logging/email] If the task was configured to send an email and include the log for say failed transfers but logging of failed transfers was disabled, a empty log of the failed transfers was included in the email. Now if logging is disabled there is no reference to the log file in the email.
  • Fixed: [local browser/menu] The local browser/file list control menu on the right pane decided to stop working for us. Its now back in action.
  • Fixed: [remote edit/upload] If the user disconnects from site A while a prompt for upload is active, then connects to site B and clicks Yes on the upload prompt this could result in a crash or an unpredictable result.
  • Fixed: [remote browser/file list] When renaming an item the item selection state was lost, the item with the new name is now re-selected.
  • Fixed: [update/installer] When updating FlashFXP portable edition the update installer might install the update into the wrong folder if the pathname contained a space due to a missing double-quote.
  • Fixed: [site manager/statistics] A defect was discovered resulting in incorrect stats.
  • Fixed: [active edits dialog] hovering the mouse over an entry in the list could result in a range-check error while displaying the entry tool-tip if the time of the download was more than a couple weeks.
  • Fixed: [remote/move folder dialog] More fixes, en-queue > move was broken and when entering a non-cached folder the path shown in the box did not match the folder selection.
  • Fixed: [ftp/download] One of the fixes in our previous release re-introduced an issue that caused FlashFXP to hang on zero byte files.
  • Fixed: [active edits dialog] Delete was disabled after de-selecting an entry from the list.
  • Fixed: [console/ANSI parser] The ANSI color parser used in the status window contained a flaw that attempted to read past the end of the string resulting in unpredictable crashes.