FlashFXP v4.1.8.1701 @ 1/15/2012
4.1.8 hot fix
  • This hot fix makes FlashFXP compatible with Windows XP service pack 1 and service pack 2, The previous release required Windows XP service pack 3 to run.
FlashFXP v4.1.8.1700 @ 1/14/2012
4.1.8 maintenance release
  • Added: [site manager/search] You can now search for a site by name.
  • Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.0f
  • Improved: [ssh/sftp] error reporting, some protocol errors during the login were not shown.
  • Improved: [custom command/editor] Several minor user-improvements, and you can now export a (single or multiple) command without having to export the entire group.
  • Changed: [remote/folder select dialog] Clicking a folder in the server folder select dialog will now request a directory listing from the server and populate the children and you can use the F5 key to force a re-fresh of the current directory.
  • Changed: [interface/toolbar] Added auto font scaling to The "local browser" text shown on the toolbar.
  • Changed: [task/scheduler] You can now manually execute disabled tasks using the "Run now" command. Previously it would indicate that the task was disabled.
  • Fixed: [task/scheduler] Monthly tasks scheduled to run on "first, second, third, etc" day of the week weren't being set properly on vista and up, and older versions of windows only allow a single value but the control incorrectly allowed multiple choices.
  • Fixed: [server/session] Under some conditions server replies were displayed twice in the session window/log.
  • Fixed: [server/select folder dialog] The dialog wasn't scaling the content correctly when using a non-standard screen text DPI.
  • Fixed: [queue/list] Previous builds would sometimes show blank entries, this should now be fixed.
  • Fixed: [ftp/MVS] Back in build 1669 we introduced a change that broke compatibility with MVS FTP servers resulting in incomplete downloads. This has been resolved.
  • Fixed: [ftp/ssl/download] In some rare instances the downloaded file could end up incomplete due to the way FlashFXP was handling the SSL shutdown.
  • Fixed: [mouse wheel/scrolling] Sometimes would throw an error "Cannot focus an invisible or disabled window"
  • Fixed: [tree navigation] Items in the tree weren't always color coded, either by the skiplist or the highlighting.
  • Fixed: [skiplist] The skiplist wasn't always being applied to files that were dragged from the local browser and dropped on the remote browser.
  • Fixed: [key manager] Closing the key manager while creating a certificate would sometimes result in a crash while aborting the certificate generator thread.
FlashFXP v4.1.7.1688 @ 12/20/2011
4.1.7 maintenance release
  • Improved http proxy and ftp ssl/tls handshakes.
  • Improved passive mode connections via a proxy server.
  • Fixed: [ftp/list/parser] trailing spaces in file/folder names were being truncated.
  • Fixed: [ftp/ssl] Improved and addressed some issues related to ssl session re-use on the data connection socket.
  • Fixed: [ftp/ssl] When closing the ssl session of a data connection FlashFXP wasn't waiting for an answer from the server, technically this is acceptable but could be a security risk? This change makes FlashFXP compatible with vsftpd when the config setting strict_ssl_read_eof=Yes
  • Upgraded SFTP engine to the latest version.
  • Fixed: [UI/drawing/non-themed] a small area of the toolbar background wasn't being painted correctly and displayed random colors.
  • Fixed: [ftp/upload] In some situations the upload would fail with a "File Read Error".
  • Fixed: [ftp/proxy/data connection] When connecting to a local proxy via the hostname if the hostname resolved to an IPv6 address in some cases the IPv6 address was treated as an IPv4 address resulting in a data connection failure.
  • Improved: [site configuration] Site Manager > FTP > Option "Use site IP for passive mode connections". The previous build wasn't using this option correctly causing a malfunction on some FTP servers.
  • Fixed: [transfer/case conversion] Filename case conversion option when using 'first character upper case' the first character was not upper-cased.
  • Fixed: [queue] When performing an en-queued delete operation if the connection to the server was lost then FlashFXP did not mark the delete operation as failed and go onto the next item in the queue.
  • Improved: [local browser/tree] The performance of local browser tree navigation when navigating network file locations.
  • Fixed: [task scheduler/task] When using the weekly schedule and selecting Wednesday, it would report a COM error "the parameter is incorrect".
  • Fixed: [proxy] SOCKS/HTTP proxy issue when using a local LAN based proxy to connect to a remote FTP server where the FTP server PASV reply returns a local LAN IP address.
  • Improved: [site configuration] Site Manager > FTP > Option "Use site IP for passive mode connections", This setting now has 3 states, unchecked (off), checked (on), and intermediate (auto-detect).
  • Fixed: [key manager] Exporting public and private keys via the key manager. (BUG #619)
  • Fixed: [ftp/data connection] after a passive data connection failure the retry attempt would also fail because an internal state flag wasn't reset back to default.
  • Fixed: [sftp/upload] a defect triggered by uploading a 0 byte file using the SFTP protocol, after the upload completed the next upload or directory listing would fail.
  • Added: [custom commands] the ability to create symbolic links (SFTP protocol) using a custom command, the syntax is "SITE SYMLINK "
  • Misc: More general tweaks, improvements, fixes and optimizations.
FlashFXP v4.1.6.1673 @ 11/17/2011
4.1.6 maintenance release
  • Improved status-bar panel width sizing for text translations, specifically during a file transfer the panel width would re-size to fit the length of text plus time which could fluctuate between hh:mm:ss and mm:ss changing the width of the panel, now the panel is sized to fit the translation + hh:mm:ss.
  • Deleting a symbolic link to a folder via the tree navigation now treats the symbolic link as a file delete operation instead of a folder delete.
  • Cleaned up the site name displayed in the Active Edits window.
  • Improved remote edit feature to auto reconnect and re-upload the file in the event of a connection loss during the file upload.
  • Fixed symbolic links on FTP servers using MLSD, in some cases the symbolic links were not displayed.
  • Fixed modifying items in the per-site skip list while connected to the site did not take immediate effect.
  • Fixed the local browser tree navigation drag/drop would sometimes stop functioning when switching between local and remote browsers.
  • Fixed changing the sort order in the local file browser would sometimes clear the item selection.
  • Fixed manually refreshing the local file browser would sometimes cause the item selection to malfunction.
  • Changed the default "whats new" viewer to a customized version that sets word wrap as default and removed the unnecessary set font/background options from the menu.
  • Fixed drawing issue in the text editor when when resizing the window or toggling word wrap.
  • Fixed excessively long wait when aborting a file transfer when using FTP+SSL, sometimes the abort could take up to 2 minutes to complete.
  • Fixed memory leak triggered by aborting a FTP upload using MODE Z. The Zlib compression object wasn't properly finalized to free the internal memory buffer.
  • Fixed FTP+SSL download issue that sometimes resulted in a transfer error even though the transfer was successful, this was caused by the way the SSL connection was shutdown.
  • Fixed access violation crash when running FlashFXP on windows 2000 or with themes disabled when in the Preferences dialog > Toolbars section. We missed a test to verify themes before attempting to use them to draw the default background.
  • Fixed access violation crash that can occur when switching between the local and remote browser.
  • Fixed a defect that prevented ASCII files from downloading 100% on some FTP servers, the transfer would appear frozen or stalled and would eventually time out.
  • Fixed site name defect in the remark column of the queue window when displaying the name of a site within a nested group.
  • Fixed an issue when running on pre Windows Vista operating systems where minimizing the main window didn't minimize the children windows.
  • Fixed selecting "rename" from the file conflict prompt failed to rename the file.
  • Improved "rename" on the file conflict prompt, it now checks to see if the new file-name exists.
FlashFXP v4.1.5.1668 @ 11/8/2011
4.1.5 hot fix
  • FlashFXP could lockup while displaying the connect menu after disconnecting from a site.
  • The remote navigation tree wasn't populated correctly when connecting to sites with a pre-defined remote path.
FlashFXP v4.1.5.1667 @ 11/7/2011
4.1.5 maintenance release
  • Fixed an issue that resulted a false positive error "Change Folder Failure: (5: Access is denied)" during upload. The IO result wasn't cleared before testing for failure.
  • Fixed an issue where switching between MLSD and LIST (or stat -al) didn't correctly clear the remote folder cache.
  • Added a work-around specifically for XeXMenu FTPD 0.1 to address an issue when navigating into empty folders.
  • Fixed an issue where the oldest site in the quick connect history was removed when the history limit was reached, instead of removing the site with the oldest last connection time.
  • Fixed an issue where FlashFXP was throttling the rate at which commands were sent to the server, this was most noticeable during recursive deletes and when transferring many small files.
  • Fixed changing the per-site preserve file date/time settings in the file transfer rules dialog didn't take immediate effect.
  • Fixed proxy/connection failure when connecting to an sftp server, resulting in an error message 'SSH Error: The packet is too large.'
  • Fixed a connection failure that occurred under the following conditions, connect to a ftp+ssl server and then disconnect before the ssl handshake completes, now connecting to a non-ssl ftp server, after about 30 seconds the connection attempt would fail.
  • Fixed an access violation that occurred when performing an en-queued operation (rename, exec custom command, move, delete).
  • Fixed reported progress percentage during an en-queued delete operation, the progress would jump between the correct value and 100%, and the progress bar wasn't shown on the status-bar.
  • Fixed an issue where several toolbar buttons would enabled/disabled while transferring a queue under multiple different conditions.
  • Added additional support to handle servers that report the remote path as "//path/to/my/home", the tree navigation wasn't allowing "//" as a valid root.
FlashFXP v4.1.4.1664 @ 10/28/2011
4.1.4 maintenance release
  • Fixed upload performance issue, after lots of testing and research I have determined that the problem is related to windows "Receive Window Auto-Tuning Level" setting. If you experience a slow down in this release vs previous releases please let me know via the forums.
  • Fixed custom command token %f when executing a command via the FTP search dialog. It was returning the path + filename instead of just the filename. (bug #582)
  • Fixed custom command token %c to correctly handle multiple commands separated by CR/LF.
  • Fixed the Active Edits dialog would automatically appear after restoring the main window, this issue only appeared on versions of windows prior to Vista.
  • Fixed auto reconnect on remote server move folder/file, the connection was restored but the operation was not executed if the main window did not have focus. (Bug #586)
  • Fixed the "swap panes" feature wasn't swapping the text shown on the status-bar. (Bug #587)
  • Fixed defect when performing a custom command after a loss of connection (i.e idle timeout), The connection is restored but the command wasn't always sent. (Bug #585)
  • Improved SFTP upload speed on OpenSSH servers.
  • Improved command line switch parser. (bug #594)
  • Fixed after performing a en-queued remote file delete operation the directory listing wasn't refreshed.
FlashFXP v4.1.3.1658 @ 10/9/2011
4.1.3 hot fix
  • Fixed grabled text in the session status window.
  • Added new option (in Preference / Live Update) "prompt to select download location".
FlashFXP v4.1.2.1657 @ 10/8/2011
4.1.2 hot fix
  • Fixed FTP UTF-8/ANSI character converter. Due to the incomplete bug reports I received regarding broken UTF-8 I was not aware that FTP was broken too and sadly it didn't show up in my test cases.
  • Fixed floating point unit crash in memory manager, if the FPU was changed by a dll loaded by FlashFXP it could result in a crash.
  • Fixed a defect resulted in a lockup or failed upload when uploading to a site via a proxy server.
  • Removed the daily automatic update checks. This setting can be manually configured via the Preferences.
  • Replaced the status bar indicator icon that is displayed when MODE Z / SFTP compression is active.
  • Fixed defect in single connection mode where the abort button wasn't enabled unless the remote browser pane was selected.
  • Fixed defect in the FTP server reply command handler that trimmed excess spaces from the end of each line, this caused a problem with FTP servers using unusual server replies, such as multi-line replies where the last line of the reply was 230
  • Fixed a defect that resulted in a crash if a monitor was added or removed while FlashFXP was running. The internal monitor enumeration wasn't being refreshed properly.
  • Fixed item selection and rename issue in the local browser.
  • Fixed SFTP UTF-8/ANSI character converter.
  • Updated language translations.
FlashFXP v4.1.2.1654 @ 10/5/2011
4.1.2 maintenance release
  • Fixed file name character case conversion during a file upload, the conversion was not always being applied to the file name in some situations. (bug #565)
  • The installer update used for the previous update included an unexpected change that resulted in all command line parameters being quoted. This this change was unexpected and broke part of the uninstall process where FlashFXP prompts to remove the program data files.
  • Fixed PASV mode when using a FTP proxy. FlashFXP was forcing the server IP when the FTP proxy was located on a local network.
  • Fixed the behavior of select-all (ctrl+A) in the file list pane, performing a select-all will now un-select the parent directory. (Bug #571)
  • Fixed local file browser slow performance issue navigating to "My computer" if it contained a disconnected or ejected disk.
  • Fixed an issue where custom commands weren't being imported when upgrading from FlashFXP v3.x.
  • Changed the list socket data timeout so that its not bound by the connection timeout value, a low connection timeout could result in a lost of connection on a large directory or slow ftp server.
  • Improved the file transfer action rule for "rename" to try again on rename failure then if it fails mark the file as failed.
  • Fixed the sub-search feature on the server file search dialog where in some cases it would become non-functional.
  • Improved the Live-Update feature, future versions will no longer prompt for a download location, the update will download to your temp folder and be deleted after updating.
  • Improved performance speed and the efficiency of FTP uploads on high-speed networks.
  • Fixed memory leak in key / certificate manager.
  • Fixed memory leak in DNS resolver.
  • Fixed a defect that prevents logging of scheduled tasks when global logging is turned off and "store logs in unique session folders" is checked.
  • Fixed a defect in the path drop-down box requiring a double click to trigger the drop-down.
  • Fixed a defect in the logging setting of scheduled tasks that resulted in no logging from occurring.
FlashFXP v4.1.1.1651 @ 9/25/2011
4.1.1 maintenance release
  • Fixed an issue where certain raw command groups contained invalid keyboard shortcuts that would be bound to standard A-Z characters without a (alt, ctrl, shift) modifier, in most cases binding to the "e" key, this prevented the "e" character from being entered.
  • Fixed an issue with plain text FTP downloads being incomplete (missing the last few bytes) under heavy disk i/o.
  • Updated the installer script engine to resolve an issue with FlashFXP failing to install on large hard drives (the previous fix was a crude patch), this is an official update from the developer.
  • Fixed 'compare folder' and 'transfer mode' tool-bar button defect, after clicking the drop-down arrow the button arrow disappeared.
  • Fixed defect in the behavior of the "Stalled transfers > Restart transfer if no data transferred" option, when the option was unchecked the feature did not disable as intended and the stall detection timeout was to 0 seconds triggering a timeout.
  • Added status-bar status icon indicator to reflect when FTP MODE Z or SFTP compression is enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where the "parent folder" item in the server file list was unclickable after performing a remote folder delete.
  • Fixed an issue where local browser would revert back to the default local path after a file transfer if the connection is lost or if you're not connected to the server when the transfer is executed.
  • Fixed an issue when importing sites from total commander, the password field wasn't decrypted correctly.
  • Changed the way the navigation tree monitors for folder changes, in previous builds FlashFXP monitored all drives, now only the drive of the selected folder is monitored for changes. This change was needed to resolve an issue that prevented the user from removing removable hard drives while FlashFXP was running.
FlashFXP v4.1.0.1648 @ 9/13/2011
4.1 stable release
  • Major performance improvements throughout by reducing unnecessary overhead through code refactoring and performance profiling.
  • Added native support for 32-bit alpha masks in the tool-bar buttons. With a fall back to the old blend mode when 32-bit is unavailable.
  • We now use the Tango button style as default in FlashFXP, the original classic style is still available for customers.
  • Improved compatibility with older versions of Windows. Specifically user interface related glitches when themes were unavailable or disabled.
  • Improved error messages for SFTP, FTP, FTP-SSL, Socks4/5, HTTP Proxy, etc.
  • Improved use of windows TaskDialog with a automatic fall back on failures.
  • Improved WINE compatibility, This is the first release of FlashFXP that is 100% compatible with WINE.
  • Improved FTP and SFTP protocol error handling, with additional fail safes to handle unexpected server responses.
  • Improved SFTP transfer speeds. Uploads and downloads are much faster.
  • Improved input controls and added control + Backspace support.
  • Improved tool-bars buttons by enabling or disabling them based on the current state.
  • Improved remote SFTP and FTP directory refreshing, the item selection is preserved in-between refreshes.
  • Improved the performance speed of the local file browser.
  • Improved selective transfer rules.
  • Improved performance speed of MODE Z file transfers (FTP protocol).
  • Improved file handling when uploading or downloading to a slow device or network share.
  • Added En-queue Delete/Rename support to the local browser right-click menu.
  • Added 'Schedule At' under Queue on the main menu, previously this was only available via the queue window right-click menu.
  • Added status message when the loaded translation is incomplete and a link to the translation editor.
  • Added Remote edit history, when editing remote files the details for each edit is stored and then restored on connect, the temporary file is not kept locally, the file is re-downloaded for any edit.
  • Added the ability to set the character encoding for SFTP site profiles.
  • Added the ability to import sites from FileZilla.
  • Added Ctrl + W shortcut to toggle synchronized browsing on/off.
  • Added support for connecting to domain names that resolve to multiple IP addresses, The first IP is tried, on connection failure the next is tried and so on.
  • Added the ability to en-queue move operations.
  • Added the ability to define optional file masks and exclude sub-folders within en-queued delete folder operations.
  • Added $lowercase, $uppercase, $uplowcase() macros to custom commands.
  • Improved custom tool bar backgrounds.
  • Improved auto-discover time offset feature.
  • Improved interface scaling when Windows display scaling is active.
  • Updated to OpenSSL 1.0.0e.