FlashFXP v2.1 Final @ 5/17/2003
  • Added Priority Transfer Queue
  • Added Alt+X to exit FlashFXP.
  • Added ESC shortcut to close the internal editor.
  • Added INI only setting "encrypt=1" under [main] when set to 1 the FlashFXP.ini will become encrypted when "Application password protection" (APP) is activated. You'll need to disable APP and then set it to activate this feature.
  • Added List Complete status message.
  • Added SHIFT modifier to Queue File, when shift is held while queuing it allows you to add a file/folder into the queue multiple times by passing the check that prevents duplicates.
  • Added Set GID, Set UID, Sticky to CHMOD dialog.
  • Added ctrl+J shortcut to disconnect ftp of active side.
  • Added new option "interpret ; as raw command delimiter" to Preferences / Advanced Tab.
  • Added new option "Apply changes to all subfolders and files" option to CHMOD dialog.
  • Added new option "ReSort new/modified files (local listing)" to a preference / Display tab.
  • Added new option "Remember last used site in Site Manager" to Preferences / Display, enabled by default.
  • Added new option "Show Grid Lines" to Preferences / display tab.
  • Added new option "Update Directory Cache During Transfer" to Preferences / Options Tab, When checked if a folder is queued FlashFXP will update the cache & refresh the listing before queuing the folder content.
  • Added new option "Upload Packet Size" to Preferences / Advanced Tab. 2048 seems to work better on some networks & XBOX transfers.
  • Added new option confirmation for the restore queue dialog, delete / delete all, confirmation can be removed via Preferences / Options Tab.
  • Added option "Activate FlashFXP on Connect" to Preferences / Advanced Tab.
  • Added option "Update icon to reflect current status" to Preferences / Advanced Tab.
  • Added Ident Server Port to the Preferences.
  • Added per-site option "send noop during transfer" in Site Manager.
  • Added registry setting HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\FlashFXP\, String Value DATAPATH, This allows you to define a data folder without having to use the "start-in folder" of a windows shortcut.
  • Added ssl fxp (glftpd & ioftpd compatible).
  • Added support for MVS-IBM mainframe.
  • Added program execution after transfer complete.
    To use this functionality you must add the following section to the FlashFXP.ini
    app=<full\path oxe>
    param=<any params you need to pass, use the %f macro to pass the filename>
    show application window has two values 0=hidden 1=visible

    Simple Example
    app="c: scan.exe"
    param="/scan %f"
  • Changed status window to allow font styles.
  • Changed the default upload packet size to 2048, prior versions use 4096.
  • Improved SSL compatibility (most importantly FlashFXP is now compatible with ioFTPD).
  • Low level changes to the local view shell listing, some minor behavior changes.
  • The Attributes (CHMOD) dialog now accepts two chmods via the Permissions field, "644,755" where 644 = folders and 755 = files. If you only want to change the permissions for files and not folders enter "-1,755" the -1 tells FlashFXP to keep the existing permission.
  • Fixed bug that caused problems when editing files via the File Search Dialog.
  • Fixed You should now be able to connect to SSL (AUTH TYPE) sites via the OPEN/SITE proxies.
  • Fixed access violation when clicking below an item in the list boxes on WinXP.
  • Fixed bug when connecting to a SSL/TLS site via Quick Connect.
  • Fixed bug when using SSL/TLS with a SOCKS4/5 proxy.
  • Fixed bug where turning off "display on startup" for the crash recovery also disabled the crash recovery feature.
  • Fixed compare folder bug when comparing local <> remote.
  • Fixed drawing problem in the local tree view, the selected item wasn't painted properly making it hard to read.
  • Fixed font color issue in the local view. Effected Skiplist/Highlights.
  • Fixed improper parsing of DOS file listings, where in some cases the time was incorrectly handled resulting in an invalid AM/PM display.
  • Fixed minor graphical glitch when using LIST as the anti-idle command.
  • Fixed problems with ssl fxp being activated even if both sites didn't have ssl fxp enabled.
  • Fixed resizing problems when the FlashFXP window was set to Horizontal Layout.
  • Fixed resume all/overwrite all/skip all being reset when the connection to the server is restored after a lost connection.
  • Fixed small bug in folder bookmarks.
  • Fixed system tray tooltip bug when using Ctrl-F9, the tip should of been masked for security but it was still shown.

FlashFXP v2.0 Final
  • Added SSL/TLS Support.
  • Added command line option to set the local path on startup, -local="<path>".
  • Added new option "Stop sending keep alive after <user defined> minutes."
  • Added new option "Auto Expand FTP Directory Tree".
  • Added new confirmation, "Delete queue items".
  • Changed sound configuration, the new design is more user friendly.
  • Added mouse 4 and mouse 5 buttons now act as 'go to parent' and 'enter selected folder'.
  • Changed the internal design and structure of how the quick connect operates.
  • Fixed compatiblity issue with Windows XP zip folders, which resulted in poor performance.
  • Changed Restore Queue now remembers it's width/height.
  • Added application password protection, allowing the user to password protect FlashFXP from unauthorized access. This adds a a new "security" menu under the "sites" menu.
  • Added new command line param -pass=<pass>.
  • Fixed problem where sometimes FlashFXP didn't flash on transfer complete, even though the option 'Flash window on transfer complete' was checked.
  • Fixed problem where sometimes FlashFXP incorrectly identified folders as files in the local view.
  • Fixed problem where FlashFXP would error when you moved the mouse over the taskbar button. This was caused by a design flaw in the Borland Delphi VCL. This problem was most noticable when using VNC.
  • Added new windows XP Style toolbar buttons. The images were created by Christof.
  • Changed into to maintain compatiblity for 640x480 we had to make the Compare Folder button optional and turned off by default. If you want this button back, simply right-click on the toolbar and select it from the popup menu.
  • Added 3 new custom buttons, View File, Edit File, and to the FTP only view, Transfer Mode.
  • Changed custom commands now supports commands larger than 250 characters.
  • Changed Custom Command dialog allows for unlimited levels of nesting.
  • Added several custom command scripting features.
  • Fixed several minor memory leaks.
  • Fixed bug that caused a malfunction when using a proxy with the "site uses ipmasq/nat.." option enabled.
  • Added View/Edit to the Find Files on FTP Server feature.
  • 100% Windows XP Compatible