FlashFXP v1.4.3 Build 835
  • Fixed Add current site didn't update the queue correctly when the site was added under a group.
  • Changed FTP File Search - Item selection is now locked during a chmod/delete to prevent the selection from being changed during the operation.
  • Fixed On Edit file, If the download failed, It still popped up a message box asking if you were ready to re-upload the file.
  • Changed If an upload fails for an Edit File, The failed file is now added to the queue.
  • Added Start with error/transfer status to the perf / display.
  • The ASCII extension list has been modified to handle extensions like ".php.inc"
  • Changed Transfer As / Queue As have been added back to the right-click menu.
  • Added The On Transfer Complete options have been added to the tray menu.
  • Changed Upload file transfers are now blazing fast :)
  • Changed Clipboard monitor will now ignore it's own clipboard changes.
  • Fixed Win98 users were unable to access the My Documents folder in the local view.
  • Changed Parent Directory button, it's now relocated next to the Folder Bookmarks.
  • Improved abort handling, when aborting a file transfer.
  • Changing the settings of a connected site in the site manager now immediately updates the connected site details.
  • Fixed bug which caused custom commands to be added incorrectly.
  • Fixed bug in per-site anti-idle option.
  • Fixed bug when pasting user/pass in the site manager anonymous was not being reset.

FlashFXP v1.4.2 Build 831
  • FTP file search window is no longer on top of other applications.
  • Internal editor is opened as a separate window task button.
  • The queue list will now scroll up/down during a drag operation.
  • Addressed an issue where in some instances uploading failed when using a SOCKS proxy.
  • When editing remote bookmarks you can now optionally define a local path.
  • Addressed problem renaming site manager groups which contained []
  • When opening a file in the local view, FlashFXP now sets the working directory to the directory in which the file is located.
  • Addressed a problem where transferring a drive volume resulted in FlashFXP adding 'C:' to the queue, most ftp servers do not allow (:) colon's, FlashFXP will now trim off the (:)
  • When saving a queue, now you can save the entire queue or just the selection.
  • Transfer As/Queue As have been replaced by Shift+Transfer and Shift+Queue.
  • Added option to 'Separately sort folders/links' when unchecked folders/links will be sorted together.
  • Fixed bug where under the following circumstances abort was not permitted.
  • Loading a queue, Pressing GO, Stopping the queue via 'stop queue after current transfer', then Pressing GO, Pressing Abort will have no effect.
  • LiveUpdate window is no longer on top of other applications.
  • CopyURL, When a blank password is entered url is copied without the login/password details.
  • Queue items can now be marked as failed, so that they can be transferred at a later time.
  • Queue Summery has been improved to display separate stats based on Queue, Failed, and Selected.
  • Improved support for large files > 2gb, File Listings, Uploading, & Downloading.
  • Some FTP servers return more then just the size in reply to the SIZE command, i.e. "213 70723584 bytes", FlashFXP will now correctly handle them.
  • Reduced flicking of the status window
  • Fixed case insensitivity issue with the treeview.
  • Removed legacy command line support for "<group> site" as it causes problems with site manager groups containing < or >
  • Fixed bug where if the connection timed out during a REST the transfer was not resumed.
  • Fixed malformed buffer which resulted in corrupted file listings.
  • Fixed when resuming a partial file the 'check free space feature' didn't take into account for the part of the file already downloaded. so a partial file 100MB of 200MB, with 150MB of free space warned there wasn't enough space.
  • Fixed a default sort of 'by file extension' incorrectly defaulted to 'by attribs'
  • Several Windows XP compatibility issues have been addressed.
    (zip file type sorted in with folders, double click a zip now opens correctly)
  • Proxy servers types have been re-arranged. This should not mess up your settings however we recommend that you verify your proxy settings.
  • Add proxy support for USER proxy-user@ftp-host
  • When opening a local file for edit in the internal editor, modifications were not detected and it neglected to prompt you to save on edit.
  • If the ftp server didn't support the SIZE command FlashFXP wouldn't resume.
  • Resolved minor problem with editing folders in the queue editor.
  • When a url is pasted into the quick connect it is now split into the separate fields.
  • The Recv/Send buffer size can now be modified. This can be done via the flashfxp.ini
    (I was informed by a user that increasing both values to 65536 allowed him to get 7MB/s on network transfers. This may not work for everyone and may in fact reduce your speed.)
  • FlashFXP will now inform you if a queue file contains a site no longer in your Site Manager and removes it from the queue, or mark it failed if you have 'keep failed transfers in queue' enabled.
  • Status window should now work with all scroll wheel mice.
  • Minor improvements to error handling when the connection is lost to the server during a transfer.
  • The 'send noop during transfer' interval can now be changed via the FlashFXP.ini, this value is in seconds.
  • File/Folder icons should now display correctly for everyone running Windows XP.
  • Fixed problem with the preferences dialog growing when switching between desktops under Windows XP, when using the Virtual Desktop PowerToy.
  • Added an INI setting that allows you to disable direct saving/reloading of the FlashFXP.ini, when set FlashFXP will save the settings on exit, rather then immediately, and will not detect changes made by multiple instances of FlashFXP.
  • Fixed the global option 'use APPE to resume uploads' when checked didn't use APPE.
  • In some instances pressing the abort button did not function as intended.
  • Fixed bug where quickly minimizing to tray / restoring / minimizing to tray, would sometimes left FlashFXP hidden without a tray icon.
  • Added support for importing WS_FTP v5.0 sites.

FlashFXP v1.4 Build 800
  • Resolved a design flaw in the FlashFXP registration system.
  • Fixed Right click Queue was disabled under the following scenario, queue in progress, connection lost, flashfxp automatically reconnects and resumes the transfer, now during the transfer if you right click queue is disabled.
  • Fixed under some rare instances if connection was lost during a download FlashFXP would wait up to 5min expecting a server reply.
  • Fixed changing the download speed limit in the middle of a file transfer resulted in data corruption.
  • When "Directories on top" was unchecked and the sort was descended the Parent Directory ended up at the bottom of the list.
  • Resolved an issue with using HTTP proxies resulting in the data connection bypassing the HTTP proxy.
  • Fixed when copying a url to clipboard from the file search dialog the wrong path was used in the url.
  • FlashFXP now correctly displays the remote file list icons in Windows 2000 when run from a non administrator account. However the parent folder icon may still not be displayed because the administrator account is required to register the parent folder icon.
  • The Enter ftp:// url button has been removed from the Quick Connect dialog, to Connect to a ftp:// just paste it into the "server or url" field.
  • The "Bind local ports to this IP" option now binds on connect()
  • When you queue a local folder FlashFXP now attempts to verify that it exists, if it doesn't exist FlashFXP will treat it as a file. Some 3rd party shell integration apps treat archives as folders. i.e. CabView a Windows 95 Powertoy.
  • Fixed SOCKS 5 bug which made downloading impossible, when we added upload and download buffering in build 761 we created an incompatibility.
  • File search now supports multiple file patterns separated by a semicolon.
  • Directory | Find: now unselects previously selected items and works with the local file listing.
  • Rewrote parts of the status window hoping to resolve the disappearing text some users have reported.
  • Added support for S/key (one time password). Tested with serv-u but might not be compatible with other servers.
  • Fixed bug where the user was able to get around the nag screen delay.
  • Added INI setting to disable keeping a quick connect history. To enable place 'NoHistory=1' under [main]
  • Fixed bug where downloading into the root of a network share would fail.
  • Fixed bug where if a drag/drop operation was in progress just as a transfer was completing resulting in an error and causing FlashFXP to exit.
  • Connecting to a site via the Site Manager without an IP resulted in FlashFXP attempting to connect to the site name.
  • Rewrote the remote edit file routine so that FlashFXP will reconnect if connect is lost while editing.
  • When selecting a font the Character Set is now persevered. This will resolve problems with some fonts being displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug where the local view would lock into the current folder preventing the user from changing the folder.
  • When uploading under some conditions failed transfers would be removed from the queue with "Keep Failed Transfer In Queue" checked.
  • Retry broken transfers was limited to 255 retries, this has been increased to 99999.
  • At the nag screen ALT+F4 can no longer be used to bypass the nag.
  • When in FTP Only mode some toolbar buttons did not function as intended.
  • Manual chmod now supports entering more then 3 characters.
  • Editing a queue item is now more flexible, allowing you to change the filename, directory, and site of a single or multiple selected items.
  • Fixed drag/drops from right local to left ftp were using the "drag/drop from explorer" rule rather then the normal "on drag/drop" rule.
  • When editing remote files FlashFXP now renames the local filename is DOS compatible. For example "help?.txt" would be renamed "help_.txt", then when you upload the file the original name "help?.txt will be restored.
  • Pressing control while minimizing FlashFXP will now allow you to Lock FlashFXP prompting for a password. upon restoring FlashFXP it will ask for the password. (registered version only)
  • Control-B now works as designed.
  • When File Exist rules can now be configured separately for each site overriding the default. (registered version only)
  • Fixed a bug where in some rare instances a file would fail but FlashFXP neglected to retry it or keep it in the queue.
  • Fixed the internal editor wasn't always displaying scrollbars.
  • Fixed sometimes simultaneously opening multiple copies of FlashFXP resulted in an error.
  • Two new command line switches -min and -tray
  • Fixed a rare bug where completed files were not being removed from the queue.
  • Holding shift while clicking view/edit will force the file to use the internal editor.
  • Fixed the ftp file search, sometimes it would get stuck or lockup..
  • Added support for glftpd XDUPE. only modes 2-3 are supported.
  • Added User/Group/Attrib columns to the FTP File Search.
  • Added option to limit the search depth in the FTP File Search.
  • Added command to CHMOD files/folders from the FTP File Search.
  • Improved Windows XP compatibility.

FlashFXP v1.3 Build 761
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some users from shutting down their pc.
  • Fixed the queue/status location wasn't being restored on startup.
  • Modified the code which calculates the estimated time remaining to exclude files that transfer in 2 seconds or less. This will provide a more accurate estimate.
  • Fixed local display column sizes are now saved/restored when auto column sizing is turned off.
  • Fixed http proxy authentication.
  • Due to a compatibility issue we have changed the group|site separator (a pipe) to \ (a backslash) group\site
  • Added a new option to Obey upload speed limit.
  • After editing a remote file FlashFXP jumped to your temp folder just before uploading the edited file. This was not the intended behavior, FlashFXP now remains in the current local folder.
  • Added option to keep failed transfers in the queue so that they can be retried at a later time.
  • Fixed bug in the Site Manager caused by the user changing the windows regional settings for the decimal point.
  • The window handle of FlashFXP is now appended to temp queue files, this creates a more unique file name so that when multiple copies of FlashFXP are launched at the same time they do not end up with the same temp queue.
  • If multiple server replies were received in the same packet and any reply but the first was a failure reply the failure reply wasn't immediately displayed.
  • Active mode connections during an upload (non-passive) were sometimes prematurely disconnected.
  • Fixed bug that caused an A/V when you do the following. load a queue, press GO, press STOP during login, F5 (refresh), Change to any folder.
  • Added global & site option to use APPE for resume uploading.
  • Added proxy support for user@host fireID
  • Fixed File Search > Copy URL, now prompts for a password like it should have.
  • Fixed problem browsing the local view in the unregistered version of FlashFXP.
  • Fixed right click selection bug in the Site Manager.
  • Fixed random bug where sometimes the right click Edit item was disabled.

FlashFXP v1.3 Build 760
  • Public final release

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 753
  • Added back support for "Start in" folder in shortcut icons. FlashFXP will only use this path if it contains a FlashFXP.ini, otherwise it defaults to the same folder as the flashfxp.exe
  • Fixed, Tools | Skiplist not showing the correct state of the skiplist.
  • Fixed, right click menu not appearing in the custom editor.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 752
  • Made a few more changes to the ftp engine.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 751
  • Rewrote parts of the ftp egine, Making FlashFXP more responsive to unexpected server replies (chat messages, errors, etc)

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 748
  • Removed support for "Start in" folder in shortcut icons, was causing too many problems.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 747
  • Added do not follow folder links to calculate disk space dialog.
  • Fixed bug in site import routine which left out remote paths.
  • It would appear when launching FlashFXP from itself (F12) it wasn't setting the working directory which caused problems as FlashFXP looks for it's settings in the working directory.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 746
  • Added User/Pass support to HTTP Proxy; based on how the RFC standards say it should work. I have been unable to find a proxy to test this on can someone people verify that it works and let me know. Thanks :)

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 745
  • Changed the code that handles active mode socket closures so that the socket is closed now rather then later. This allows the user to use a smaller range of ports when limiting local ports via the preferences. ** This may cause premature disconnects (let me know of any problems) **

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 744
  • Fixed a flaw in the HTTP proxy support which caused file corruption.
  • Changing the sort order during a folder delete was causing files to be missed, this was changed so that the user can not change the sort order during a delete.
  • Added Ctrl+Z shortcut to transfer queue.
  • Sort direction has been split up into two separate settings for local and remote view.
  • Added a import option for FlashFXP v1.2 sites to make upgrading easier.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 739-743
  • Modified the queue so that during a transfer the view origin does not jump back to the top after every transfer.
  • When uploading files FlashFXP was not changing the local view to that of the file path when the current folder was not the same path.
  • Fixed major flaw where FlashFXP would inadvertently queue your desktop content if you attempted to upload a folder that no longer existed.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 738
  • Fixed transfer status display bug, I accidently centered the file name.
  • Added some more error handling to deal with failed PASV during FXP.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 736-737
  • During a download if the transfer timed out there was a slight chance for the file to remain open and locked, causing future requests to fail with the error cannot open file.
  • On a lost connection FlashFXP wasn't giving enough time to clean up before calling the reconnect which sometimes caused "Restore broken transfers" to fail.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 735
  • The Queue Selected button wasn't working during a transfer.
  • When selecting My Computer in local view it would try to access the A:\ drive which wasn't necessary.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 723-734
  • Minor bug fixes

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 732
  • Added HTTP Proxy support. HTTP Proxy support has been tested with the following proxies IBM-PROXY-WTE-US/3.0, NetCache (NetApp/5.0D5), Apache/1.3.1 (Unix), Ositis-WinProxy, Squid1.2, Squid2.0, Squid2.1, Squid2.2, Squid2.3, WinProxy/1.4, DeleGate/6.1.18.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 731
  • Internal Editor - Windows 2000 seems to have a problem displaying text using the terminal font. I have created a work around which should resolve this issue.
  • Check free space on download now takes into account the existing size of the file when resumed.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 728-730
  • Minor bug fixes

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 727
  • Fixed a couple minor bugs found in the site manager.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 726
  • Fixed connection lost bug located in the FXP routine causing FlashFXP to reconnect to the site but failing to restart the transfer queue.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 725
  • Fixed bug in the string replace routine which could cause several functions of FlashFXP to fail.
  • Fixed icon mix up in custom command editor.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 724
  • I misunderstood how the sorting was supposed to be handled thus breaking it in build 720, it's now corrected.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 723
  • Added option to limit the size of the log file.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 722
  • Added some debug messages to the list routine. They are prefixed with (debug) please let me know if you see any of them.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 721
  • Fixed bug that caused small files to become corrupted or 0 bytes. This was caused by an overlook when fixing the Invalid Pointer Operations bug in the previous build.
  • Added a delayed refresh during download if your downloaded to a network drive.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 720
  • Fixed several serious bugs that attributed Invalid Pointer Operations during FlashFXP and/or exit. These errors were caused by failure to open the local file for read/write during uploading or downloading.
  • Added auto rename as an option to the upload/download file exist rules.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the user from renaming or moving groups.
  • Added Sort by file extension to remote view and file search.
  • Added Copy url (all selected) to clipboard to the file search.
  • Not sure if this was a bug but FlashFXP was not saving the sort order on exit. This seemed strange to me so now it does.
  • Fixed bug where a list times out and FlashFXP fails to reset the file cache for that folder.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 718
  • Fixed column auto sizing in local view.
  • Fixed bug when accessing My Computer in local view under Win2k.
  • Fixed a couple bugs with the file search.
  • Added a progress bar to the file search.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 717
  • Fixed multi-monitor issue that caused child windows to display off center.
  • Fixed-While trying to improve things I messed up the sort order of the connect menu. Rather then folders on top of the sites, it was reversed.
  • Reduced memory usage by using a single shared image list for shell icons.
  • Right side local view info line (files/dirs/etc) was showing info for the left side.
  • View raw directory and copy directory to clipboard was failing when cache directories was disabled.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 716
  • Using the copy site function to make a duplicate of a site wasn't assigning a created date.
  • Changes to the localview to improve performance.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 715
  • Added option to File Search to not follow folder links.
  • The File Search now ignores duplicates paths.
  • Icon cache for the remote view has been tweaked again, my previous attempt causes serious flickering, this time we should have no flicker.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 714
  • Resolved several issues with stoping the queue after current transfer (not abort).
  • Fixed a bug that caused FlashFXP to keep invalid cache files.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 713
  • Duplicated the site import menu and placed it under Sites on the main menu.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 711
  • Bug fixes

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 710
  • Added Date search settings to the file search.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 709
  • Bug fixes

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 708
  • File search has been improved to allow limited access to the main window, rather than no access at all.
  • Thanks to Wild-Rose I think we have finally solved the problem of FlashFXP crashing on exit when a listing is in progress.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 707
  • File search & Calculate disk space now make use of previously cached folders
  • Added Cache Directories as a site option.
  • Removed 16 color toolbar buttons.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 706
  • Added a new feature to Find Files on the remote FTP Server.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 704
  • Added Log off computer to the On Transfer Complete event.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 703
  • FlashFXP will now allow you to limit the range used by local ports. This is ideal for someone behind a firewall who needs to set a specific limit on the number of open ports. We recommend atest 10 sockets per instance of FlashFXP, this number may need to be increased if you transfer or browse ftp servers swiftly. This effects the use of the PORT command, also known as active connections.
  • Added option to bind a specific local IP address. Several users saw an interest in binding FlashFXP to their router and having the router forward the connections to their local machine. This effects the use of the PORT command, also known as active connections.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 702
  • Fixed bug in the roll back system, if roll back was disabled FlashFXP messed up the resumed file.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 701
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Added Rollback XX K on resumed downloads. Because some data may have been corrupted when FlashFXP was disconnected, this allows you to backup a little bit and re-get a small amount of data to be sure that no errors are in the file on your computer.
  • Fixed upload bug where FlashFXP wasn't resuming after an aborted transfer. This was caused because the cancel flag wasn't being reset.
  • By adding NoStats=1 under the [_Main_] section of the FlashFXP.ini you can completely disable site stats.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 700
  • Minor bug fixes

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 697
  • Added move up/down buttons to the file highlighting dialog, thus allowing the user to determine the desired order of highlighing. The first matching mask becomes the item color.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 697
  • Minor bug fixes

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 690
  • Added error handling to the UrlDecode function malformed urls caused it to crash.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 689
  • New command line support for sites that exist in the site manager. Connect to a single site. flashfxp.exe group|group|site Connect to two sites. flashfxp.exe group|group|site;group|site
  • Closing flashfxp while still connected now sends a QUIT before closing the connection.
  • Holding Shift when connecting to a site via the connect menu will prefix ! to your user name to kill your ghost. Not all sites support this function.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 677
  • Improved abort handling.
  • When opening a child window then minimizing FlashFXP and restoring FlashFXP child windows were not visible and the main window appeared locked.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 675
  • when scheduling a transfer and minimizing to the system tray the tray icon now displays the FlashFXP logo and a clock.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 647
  • Numerious bug fixes to the custom command editor dialog.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 646
  • Resume upload routline was modified to support warftpd servers.
  • The transfer progress bar colors are now user defined.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 645
  • Folder Bookmarks have been moved into the site manager.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 640
  • Minor bug fixes

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 639
  • Minor bug fixes

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 638
  • Fixed menu placement glitch which effected people with multiple monitors. Special thanks to manik_d for helping me resolve this issue.
  • After lots and lots of debugging we've eliminated a strange bug a few users have experienced. When queuing a folder for ftp download FlashFXP failed to display the active folder in the local view. Special thanks to Linkster for debugging and constantly bugging me about this issue until it was fixed.
  • FlashFXP will no longer retry files rejected by upload verification scripts provided the transfer failed reply contains the word "rejected" (i.e warftpd) or "quota exceeded" (*nix shells)
  • Added SITE to the proxy list, in doing so the order of proxy list has changed. Please verify your proxy settings.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 637
  • Fixed, If the user enabled the schedule then disable it, then changed the start time to the current time FlashFXP would start the scheduled queue even though it was disabled.
  • Added a on transfer complete selection to the schedule dialog.
  • When selecting the desktop in the local view, the file sizes and dates now appear where previously they were blank.
  • Added support for file listing with non-english timestamps, while FlashFXP is unable to display the correct date it is now able to display those items in the file list.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 636
  • On Transfer complete: Turn off computer, should now work correctly under windows 2000.
  • Reverted the local view dropdown path box to an older version as some users encountered an incorrect display of paths with the newer.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 635
  • What would I do without Wild-Rose, today she comes to me and says she found a bug, I didn't want to believe it. Sure enough she found a bug. After adding/deleting/renaming a site in the site manager FlashFXP neglected to refresh the drop-down connect menu. With change there is always room for error, I rewrote some code to improved the performance of the site list caching with this new design a variable was used to determine if the list was modified. This variable was neglected to be reset under the above conditions.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 634
  • Minor bug fixes

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 630-633
  • Resolved a rare problem where the local view would jump around after a ftp download. Sometimes even accessing cd-rom and zipdrives. Special thanks to BaHAmuT for helping me resolve this issue.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 629
  • The local & remote view dropdown box and the local & remote treeview now make use the font styles defined by the file listing font. i.e. If the user selected bold the text wasn't displayed in bold.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 627-628
  • Minor bug fixes

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 626
  • Fixed a bug where if the site manager only contains one site and the user deletes it, attempting to add a site would cause an access violation.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 625
  • Improved handling for ftp urls with % sequences.
  • Fixed a bug where FlashFXP would sometimes prevent the user from moving an item to the top of the queue, it would only allow the second position.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 624
  • Minor improvements to the local view and improved error handling.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 623
  • Fixed a strange problem were FlashFXP would sometimes hang at 99% on ftp uploads.
  • Fixed another strange problem which caused FlashFXP to AV on exit.
  • Fixed a bug where having a list sort direction of descending caused a "List index out of bounds (0)" on start up.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 621-622
  • Minor bug fixes

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 620
  • The user can now define the default column sort for the local view via the Preferences | Display tab.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 619
  • Fixed a list parsing error with Windows NT FTPD which caused file names with excess spaces to be truncated.
  • Sorry everyone, It seems when I tweaked the status window I overlooked the user defined background color, which causes the text to have a default window background on top of your custom background color. ewwwww very unattractive.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 618
  • It seems sometime during the last couple builds I accidently striped the line feeds from the copy selection of the status window, this has been corrected.
  • I've improved many aspects of the status display, reducing some overhead and memory usage, and gained a bit of speed.
  • FlashFXP should now correctly shutdown Windows 2000.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 617
  • Under some circumstances when doing a site to site transfer and both sites error, FlashFXP would end up in a loop of switching between normal and alternative FXP.
  • Resolved several issues with the internal editor under win2k.
  • The layout for the file view/edit extension dialog has been modified for ease of use.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 616
  • FlashFXP should now display folders/files which end in a space correctly.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 615
  • Minor bug fixes

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 614
  • Under some circumstances the associated file icon for an item in the queue was not being displayed.
  • I've made some changes to how FlashFXP cleans up on exit, hopefully this resolves the random errors on exit that a few people have reported.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 613
  • The FTP Directory Tree has been reverted back to the old style where a single click changes the current directory, however I've also added "Double click changes FTP Directory Tree" to the Options Tab.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 612
  • Once again we're using UPX v1.01, the last several builds utilized PE Compact and some users reported a conflict with AVP causing FlashFXP to take an extra long time to load up. AVP is looking into it.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 611
  • Minor bug fixes

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 610
  • It was brought to my attention that you couldn't drag drop from the remote treeview to the local listview, Support has been added to allow this.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 609
  • Resolved several display issues when using windows large fonts.

FlashFXP v1.2 Builds 604-608
  • Minor bug fixes

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 603
  • When entering a url from the quick connect that contains a hex escape syntax (i.e %20), FlashFXP first attempts to change into the directory, but if it fails, it then converts the hex escape syntax into the true characters and attempts to change into that.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 602
  • Fixed a problem with Calculate disk space not changing back to the original path once completed.
  • The FTP transfer progress bar is now made up of two colors. when resuming a file the percentage already transferred is displayed in a dark yellow, while the new progress will be displayed in yellow, this will give the user a better idea of how much has transferred since the file was resumed.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 600-601
  • Tweaked the popup menu, It shouldn't disappear anymore.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 598-599
  • Minor bug fixes

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 597
  • Pressing Abort a second time in the Calculate Space Used dialog forces an abort.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 596
  • Resolved several minor problems related to the pop up menus. Thanks Wild-Rose for helping me.
  • On the On Transfer Complete menu Disconnect Site(s) and Quit FlashFXP were reversed. Thanks again Wild-Rose =)
  • Changed CHMOD, you can now manually enter the file mode.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 595
  • It seems also double-clicking the status window cleared the clipboard.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 594
  • The List Queue now utilizes system icons for the files/folders icons.
  • Pressing Cancel on the Copy Url dialog no longer reports invalid password.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 593
  • If the user compares folders during a transfer it messed up the transfer progress bar because they both use the same progress bar. The compare folder progress bar is now suppressed during transfers.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 591
  • When double-clicking the status window sometimes it would copy the text below the cursor to the clipboard, this was not the intended effect and has been resolved.
  • Under some circumstances the file transfer mode was not set correctly, I am very positive that it has been completed fixed.

FlashFXP v1.2 Builds 589-590
  • No significant changes

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 588
  • Added Confirmation to save changed to an edited site in the site manager. By default this will be enabled, you can disable it via the Preferences on the Options tab.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 587
  • Several improvements made to the internal editor.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 586
  • No significant changes

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 585
  • When renaming a site in the Site Manager it now supports simple case manipulation, previously this reported an error saying the site already existed. Reported by Raccoon.
  • After adding a site in the Site Manager, Attempting to delete it before pressing Apply would result in the site not being deleted. This has been resolved. Reported by Raccoon.

FlashFXP v1.2 Builds 580-584
  • No significant changes

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 579
  • Fixed remote view sort, it wasn't sorting by the value set in the Preferences on start up.
  • Cleaned up the sorting routine code.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 578
  • Minor bug fixes

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 577
  • Fixed left side bookmark popup. I was tinkering around with my code and forgot to revert things back to the working method.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 576
  • Fixed Access violation when starting FlashFXP or closing the preferences, this was caused when the local view was set to a directory which was empty.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 575
  • Under some conditions right clicking the status window cleared the clipboard. Reported by Whoppie.
  • Back in build 561 I found out that I had to set the transfer mode before getting the current file size when uploading, This caused a hidden problem where sometimes FlashFXP was not setting the correct transfer mode. Reported by Usurper.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 574
  • Added support to handle "MACOS Peter's Server" PASV replies which are non-standard.
  • Well it seems that change made back in build 561 "Recursive queuing is now handled differently" caused another problem with GLFTPD, where spaces are replaced with a "_". This has been corrected. Reported by Usurper.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 573
  • If FlashFXP fails to make a directory it no longer tries to remove it if 'clean up empty directories' is enabled.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 572
  • Minor bug fixes

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 571
  • Minor bug fixes

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 570
  • When 'Close unused ftp connections during transfer' was unchecked and the user is connected to two sites doing a local download on the left side, if the right ftp is disconnected the status bar is wiped out. Thanks Raccoon for pointing this out .
  • Corrected the proxy types as some of the descriptions were reversed.
  • To resolve a problem with using %[] in custom commands, %[] is only treated as a variable if the line contains a %d. Since %[] can only be used in conjunction with %d dialogs.
  • That change made back in build 561 "Recursive queuing is now handled differently" was case sensitive and caused some problems on GLFTPD since it forces the first letter of the folder name as uppercase. Reported by Usurper.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 569
  • Minor bug fixes

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 568
  • Major memory leak found and resolved. The option 'Flash window on transfer complete' also flashes the tray icon when FlashFXP is minimized to the system tray. The icon used for the flash effect was not correctly handled causing a leak every time it flashed.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 567
  • Drives that return -1 as the free space (usually network drives) now bypass the 'Check free space on download' option. Thanks Wild-Rose for pointing this out.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 566
  • It appears the default ASCII file extension list did not initialize until after the user opened the ASCII file extension dialog and clicked OK. Thanks Peter for pointing this out.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 565
  • Minor code improvements here and there.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 564
  • There must be a conspiracy against me! 3 different people asked me to allow them to change the 'On Ask wait 30 seconds then overwrite' on the file exist options dialog in the past 24hrs.. Ok.. Ok.. its now user defined.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 563
  • Improved abort handling to calculate space used
  • When entering a directory in local view it now selects the first item unless your backing out of a previous directory in that case the previous directory is selected.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 562
  • Added close button to the check space used dialog.
  • Toggling visible list view columns is now done by right clicking on the column header and selecting customize. (Local view can be customized too!)

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 561
  • Recursive queuing is now handled differently, as pointed out to me by Usurper the existing method was crap. Here is an example of how the existing way works using fxp, you queue a folder on site 1, it enters the folder and queues the files, it then makes/enters the folder on site 2 but if it fails it keeps trying to change into the folder for the remaining files. The new method, If you queue a folder on site 1 and its unable to make/enter that folder on site 2 all files queued under that folder are skipped. No point trying to change into a folder that you failed to create and doesn't exist.
  • jaybee reported a problem with ftp uploading on linux servers. After extensive testing it appears there was a small bug with ftp upload resuming on selective linux ftp servers. FlashFXP issues the size command to determine the correct file size without having to refresh the listing. some linux servers return the size based on the transfer mode. To resolve this bug FlashFXP now sets the transfer mode prior to checking the file size.
  • Rewrote parts of the local view (explorer) code, file listing should be noticeably faster.
  • Rearranged the layout of the Restore Queue dialog so the options are on top, this should help prevent accidently toggling of the options.
  • When local downloading and the file exist option was set to ask, selecting resume caused the file to be overwrote. thanks cyber_wizard for pointing this out.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 560
  • Fixed another glitch in the unregister option.
  • Fixed serious problem with renaming sites within groups. Thanks Raccoon for pointing this out.
  • ok so I broke anti-idle, its fixed again.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 559
  • Fixed bug in remote Edit, FlashFXP was sending NOOP during the FTP upload which may cause the transfer to hang.
  • Updated Live Update server list, removed flashfxp.castlegardens.com as the 3rd server since it's history. For a trial period www.flashfxp.com will act as the 1st server. (faster?)

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 558
  • Numerous improvements to the local view (shell explorer)
  • Fixed glitch in the expiration system. (first time users were given a dialog which said ffxp had expired) Thanks Noah for pointing this out.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 557
  • Fixed minor glitch in the anti-idle.
  • Added extra debugging for linkster who noticed a strange problem with the local view. problem not resolved.

FlashFXP v1.2 Build 555 @ 12/22/1999
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the user from unregistering FlashFXP.
  • Minor changes to the site manager.
  • Changed Internal Editor, The user can now use a different font for the Welcome Message/Other text.
  • Added CheckPoint Firewall 1 support.