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Best FTP Client ever!
Review submitted by: kcheah
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FlashFXP version: 5.2
Switched from Filezilla and never looking back! Worth the purchase!

Best FTP program out there
Review submitted by: Guest
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FlashFXP version: 5.2
I've been a user of FlashFXP since version 2 and it keeps getting better. This is the best money I've ever spent and I can't express enough how much I love this program! Thanks for keeping this up to date thru multiple versions of Windows (XP to 8.1 and 10). I'm a web designer and FTP can be easy or a pain in the a** but FlashFXP makes it totally painless. Thanks for all the hard work!!!

Review submitted by: Guest
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FlashFXP version: 4.1
very awesome program and is very accessible for blind users that use screen readers.

FlashFXP the Best!
Review submitted by: Lungs
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FlashFXP version: 4.1
Using WSFTP for years. Using Win XP, recently had to keep up with society and purchase new computers running Win 8.1 pro. Needles to say that WsFtp did not play well at all and sent me to search engines, support and compatibility were horrible.

Looked at quite a few ftp software and decided to pull the trigger on FlashFXP. So glad I did and wish I would have know about this software a while back. Powerful yet easy to navigate and use for old timers like myself.

The best thing I like is the support of the developer. Have a laptop with very high resolution and had some hard to see fonts because of DPI. When I contacted support I got an answer right away and solutions that are still in the works.

If only all developers were like this the computer society would be heavenly.

Many thanks for this exceptional software and support.

Jim B.

UI is a bit clumsy
Review submitted by: colton
User Rating
FlashFXP version: 4.1
This application works great but the UI is a bit clumsy. That said I've run this on potato powered linux machines with WINE and had it handle site-to-site quite well.

As there is no other alternative that quite does what FlashFXP can do I'm more than satisfied with the purchase.

FlashFXP user for about ten years - and love it!
Review submitted by: dan.horning
User Rating
FlashFXP version: 4.1
(also v5) I've been using flashFXP for file management for quite some time and love it - I also recently discovered that it works perfectly under ubuntu 14.04 under wine. Keep up the awesome work!

Versatile FTP Software
Review submitted by: Guest
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FlashFXP version: 4.1
I've used FlashFXP for several years. Recently, I had a specific need come up and had no idea how to implement it. Support from the developer was fast and my need was met very quickly.

I recommend FlashFXP without hesitation.

rock solid and fast bug response
Review submitted by: Guest
User Rating
FlashFXP version: 4.1
I've used FlashFXP for years, trouble-free. The best part is that no update has ever been bad for me. (Unlike other tools which ship broken updates or force you to change procedures.)

My remote Linux machine apparently had something non-standard that caused a problem with a very specific file name pattern, but after a few quick emails I received a fix that corrected the problem without having to change what my ISP did to me. Bravo!

Highly Recommended
Review submitted by: Guest
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FlashFXP version: 4.1
I have been using FlashFXP for years after spending a long time trying to find simple and reliable FTP software and this is above all expectations.

If you haven't already, download and start using this fantastic software!

Reliable Software and Reliable Company
Review submitted by: vt998
User Rating
FlashFXP version: 4.1
I have been using flashfxp for seven years now and must congratulate you on your policy of regular updates and a fine product. Keep up the good work.

Kind regards

total reliability
Review submitted by: Guest
User Rating
FlashFXP version: 4.1
I've used Flash FXP for around 10 years and never had a single problem - it is easy to use and set up to up or download from my sites and unlike some others I could name - never misses a file while doing it. I would recommend it to anyone and furthermore - would say if you are not using it then you are making a mistake.

Free Updates for Life
Review submitted by: acolbran
User Rating
FlashFXP version: 4.1
The software works fast, is frequently updated and the process is pretty much 100% automated. The software uses the genuine delivery model which looks after the customer first and support is there when you need it. Thankyou again for the great service and product.

Simply the best
Review submitted by: sicarius100
User Rating
FlashFXP version: 4.1
FlashFXP is the best FTP/SFTP Client for Windows and no other client I've found has come close. I've tried many different ones and there has always been something lacking that made me give up on them.

lovely bit of kit
Review submitted by: harribobs
User Rating
FlashFXP version: 4.1
I have been using this for the last 5 years, i am not a techie..it's easy and it works..every time

full marks guys

FlashFXP Review - Great FTP Software
Review submitted by: Momnpop
User Rating
FlashFXP version: 4.1
I have been a registered user of FlashFXP for several years. Before trying FlashFXP, I tried and registered several FTP programs, but after trying FlashFXP I gave them all up.

FlashFXP is easy to use and uploading/downloading is very intuitive. CHMOD is on the menu and you con transfer between two websites.

I have had to ask some support questions and the responses were always timely and issues were always solved with only one email. I would recommend FlashFXP to anyone interested in an FTP program.


Best of the best!
Review submitted by: corycollier
User Rating
FlashFXP version: 4.1
I've tried many FTP programs over time, and FlashFXP is simply the best there is! It's fast, easy to use, well worth the money as you get updates for life, and the customer service is phenomenal!

The choice is yours on what you use, and it's simple...FlashFXP Or BUST!

Cory Collier
CollierRepair Computer Repair

Great FTP client!
Review submitted by: Patschi
User Rating
FlashFXP version: 4.1
I use FlashFXP since some months (trial) on different computers and I'm still using it. The software is the best one from all ftp-clients.

With FlashFXP I always edit my scripts and programs on all my servers and I still like that program.

Fast & friendly support - Good software!

I just recommended FlashFXP!

Greets from Austria!

Patrik K.

Testimonial from Mark Dulisse
Review submitted by: mdulisse
User Rating
FlashFXP version: 4.0
Being a software developer myself, I think I can judge excellent quality when I see it.

I used to use free ftp softwares and was reluctant to pay to use one. I finally caved in and purchased Flash FXP about 18 months ago. And am I ever glad I did. It has saved me countless hours. Everything always works great. The software is always being updated. Overall, this is a excellent and quality software and I fully endorse it.

Mark Dulisse

Very Satisfied
Review submitted by: davelessnau
User Rating
FlashFXP version: 3.6
I have used Flash FXP for many years and it has always worked perfectly. It makes working with my websites very easy. The customer service is outstanding also.

Awesome software and support!
Review submitted by: stormyrave
User Rating
FlashFXP version: 3.6
This is far and away the very best ftp client I have ever used and have recommended it to everyone that wants a clean simple interface and good operation.
The support staff is among the best and my hats off to Big Star and the rest of the devs that continue to improve this very good program!


FlashFXP Application Interface

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