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FlashFXP Affiliate Policy

All publishers are prohibited from promoting the FlashFXP software through paid search unless they have a written agreement stating otherwise.

Publishers who violate this policy will have commissions reversed, and may be removed from the affiliate program.

Publishers approved to promote FlashFXP through paid search are still forbidden from using misleading display URLs (including, and/or bidding on FlashFXP brand terms, Publishers are required to apply an appropriate negative match to prevent any broad matching incident.

It is requested that affiliates do not bid on ‘FlashFXP’, ‘OpenSight Software’, or any other variations or misspellings of the name.

Direct linking is not allowed.

1. Affiliates shall not use corporate-owned urls (,, etc.) in paid search ad copy or display urls, or any variation, misspelling, etc.

2. Affiliates shall not pass yourself off as the official FlashFXP website or promote in a way which is likely to confuse or mislead third parties into thinking you are OpenSight Software; this includes using ad copy that represents itself as the corporate ad or official site, or copying or mimicking any of the FlashFXP web pages.

3. Affiliates shall never use the word “free” in any paid search headline, title or ad copy or imply that a service or product from OpenSight Software is available through the affiliate at zero cost.

4. Affiliates shall not direct link from advertisements to any OpenSight Software website (exceptions will be based on written approval from the affiliate program manager).

Any affiliates who are not approved for paid search, or are found in violation of these policies will be subject to corrective action up to and including network deactivation.