About OpenSight Software, LLC.

Founded: 2009

We are a small family run business, by no means rich over the sales of FlashFXP as you would probably like to imagine, we are here persevering to keep true to our vision. Our software is widely used by small to large organizations and by private individuals across the globe.

In the pursuit of excellence in providing the best quality products, experience and services is the remit in which we base our honesty and continued success.

With that in mind, you will find we dedicate a large portion of our resources on this area, you, you and you, - the customers! We will always be open, clear and honest with our esteemed customers.

Our main goal within this market is to simplify your daily tasks and ensure these are easy to manage, perform above expectations and provide the best support possible when issues arise.

How the name was born: Abraham Lincoln once said, "The best way to predict your future is to create it!", a quote repeated by myself back in 1997, it may not be very original, but it was inspiring in many ways. This is our way of life. To reach any goal it helps to have an open mind and a clear sight of the future.

What keeps us going: The endeavour to deliver our vision and promise that OpenSight Software, LLC represents, knowing that our work helps you fulfil your goals is our main driving force and makes warm and fuzzy. As a side effect, we replenish expended energy and fluids and keep our heads dry and our bodies warm and occasionally we even have some fun.

Meet the People;
Senior Software Engineer / CEO

Charles DeWeese was born in California, USA and is he creator of FlashFXP and founder of OpenSight Software LLC, an Illinois-based (online) company. OpenSight Software LLC is the culmination of over 11 years of Delphi based software development.

When I'm not providing support to our customers, you will find me developing, extending or re-factoring FlashFXP's source code and its related backend/frontend online assets. Planning the future of the flagship product is key due to its complexity.

Graphic Designer

Filipe Oliveira, is a Portuguese born and bred Ex-Pat now living in UK. Has a background and experience in offline/outdoor marketing and advertising, extending to online design for over 10 years. A user and beta tester of FlashFXP since 2006, strongly believing in the principles and vision of Charles DeWeese which inspired to get involved in the project.

I volunteer my experience and skills wherever required with Charles, while providing bespoke or customised solutions and materials and invaluable advice on improving Opensight LLC's web-presence and its products; this remains a work in progress. Nothing is ever final, except the end!